2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 11 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Currently in the health, beauty and wellness market, we are seeing a huge move towards sustainability, vegan products and carbon balancing, however as Siena goes on to explain, this is proving a real strength for clients, who are smaller and more versatile than larger parent owned companies. “We have recommended changes to ingredients, formulations and packaging of our clients products, in order to comply with the loud voice of the consumer, and they have been able to make those changes swiftly and effectively, creating a ‘halo effect’ for their brands, and getting press on-side even more firmly.” Finally, Siena gives us her thoughts on The Brand Whisperer being awarded “Best Health and Beauty PR Agency - UK” and comments on the firm’s future prospects as we head further into 2020 and beyond. “This award is a brilliant addition to an already growing list of achievements for us in 2020. When setting up the agency, it was a big decision to focus on SME brands in the beauty, health and wellness space, as blinkering parts of an industry can be destructive, particularly in the early days. However, as consumer trends, and the market more generally have shifted to make room for the ‘little guys’, and indie brands, we began to realise that those smaller brands deserve, and need, a voice just as much as the more established industry players. Having launched in the summer of 2019, we attribute this fast growth and success to the drive, energy, and tireless positivity of the team at The Brand Whisperer! “I always challenge our team to have their finger on the pulse, and be as reactive as possible with our clients’ press affairs, which has brought in amazing coverage in the likes of YOU! Magazine (in the Mail on Sunday), Dazed Beauty and with talented and insightful micro-bloggers like TheGentlemanSelect and MrThirtySomething, to name just two. From the beginning, we set out with the intention of making waves and growing a pool of brand advocates for our clients, and this award means we have done that for our own brand too. “When it comes to the future of TBW, we do not plan to tie ourselves down to concrete aims or goals, as our goals are all client- focused, really. With our fingers always poised over the keyboard to write an email, send a quick WhatsApp, or react to a breaking story, clients can expect big things from the second half of 2020! We are, however, always hungry for MORE brilliant, glowing, and punchy SME clients, so if you are interested in learning more about us, or having a meeting please do get in touch.” Company Name: The Brand Whisperer Contact Name: Siena Clarke Telephone Number: 07917138838 Address: 90 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y6JD Web Address: www.thebrandwhisperer.co.uk

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