2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 25 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Ten years ago, Sue and her late husband threw out the processed junk food in the cupboard and fridge in favour of a journey into the world of health and nutrition. Emerging from the cocoon of brain fog, unexplained aches and pains, insomnia, heartburn, and headaches, Sue retrained as a nutritional therapist and naturopath before forming The Genuine Living Company with a desire to help others achieve the same. That passion for helping people to rediscover their health has more knock-on effects than simply feeling healthier. Lives are happier without the effect of junk food on the brain, and clients that work with Sue can feel genuinely fulfilled in more areas of their lives. We at LUXlife had the privilege of having Sue explain her work to us, to get an idea of just how impactful it can be. “These days, I like to think of myself as a Health Detective! I see my clients as crime scenes! By putting my ‘forensic’ glasses on I look for the clues that will tell me why they’re feeling unwell, what’s causing the symptoms, what’s driving them and how we solve the issues! In other words I look for the root causes. I’m extremely interested in gut health. Without a doubt, I’ve seen that your gut holds the key to your health! My clients are typically those who invest in their health as a high priority and most of them have some kind of digestive issue, even if they don’t realise it. I also see many clients who suffer from sleep problems, anxiety and /or memory issues.” Healthy eating has long been a staple of good health overall, but as time has evolved As Hippocrates himself once said, “all disease begins in the gut.” Whilst modern medicine may have a thing or two to say about that, there can be no denying that nutrition plays a vital role in the continued health of the human body. The Genuine Living Company, founded and run by Sue Potgieter, is the modern day follow- up to Hippocrates’ theory; that a life of fresh and nutrient-dense food can lead to vitality, creativity, and energy. To find out more, we spoke with Sue about her work. The Genuine Living Company Most Dedicated Nutritional Therapist – Surrey & Award for Excellence Naturopathy 2020 and modern medicine has worked its magic, our understanding of just how important that healthy eating is has increased exponentially. In this season of quarantine and lockdown, eating healthily is a very high priority. With the professional training and experience afforded by The Genuine Living Company, everybody staying at home can benefit from Sue’s work. With 70% of the immune system situated in the gut, optimal gut health is vital for a robust immune system, especially during a time such as this coronavirus pandemic. Nutrigenomics, the study of the interaction between nutrition and genes with regards to the prevention of disease, will be an increasingly important part of the country’s future post-pandemic, and Sue’s work with The Genuine Living Company will be a key part of that, as she explains. “When working with a client they have 100% of my attention and focus. I offer strategic ongoing support, sprinkled with humour and common sense! Everyone has a story to tell and my privileged position is to listen to that story and respect their journey that has brought them to my door. I work with clients on their health goals, supporting them with menu plans, recipes and a weekly check in phone call for those who require extra support. It’s also necessary to course correct sometimes and I help clients to create new habits or strategies to keep moving forward.” “I currently see clients on a one to basis in my virtual clinic, helping them to optimise their health. After an initial needs assessment, I put together an activation plan with specific, personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice. I also use functional testing where necessary. I have recently added a Balance Test to my toolbox which measures the Omega 6: Omega 3 ratio in the body. The result tells me the level of inflammation present. As inflammation is one of the major drivers of chronic lifestyle diseases it is vital to reduce the high levels seen in the population.” Coupled with a desire to give health talks that educate others, and services that include an online course on how to successfully detox the body, Sue’s work through The Genuine Living Company is helping people everywhere do exactly that: live genuinely. By working with Sue, clients are educated in understanding why their body isn’t working optimally, and are then equipped with the tools they need to support their health. With plans to open a health and wellness retreat in stunning South Africa, Sue is committed to offering clients the space and time to reset their health physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally. Company: The Genuine Living Company Email contact: sue@ thegenuinelivingcompany.com Phone: +447961 990087 Website: https://www. thegenuinelivingcompany.com/

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