2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 26 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Offering a huge range of luxurious salon treatments, Sparx Beauty provides the utmost in service to clients from all over the south of England. Winchester is an opulent city with offers to match, , but the services at Sparx Beauty stand out amongst them as truly exceptional. Whether it be general beauty treatments such as waxing, nailcare, skincare, or massages, or more advanced aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle reduction products and services, ProMax Lipo skincare, and Alumier MD skincare, Sparx Beauty welcomes everyone. Approachable, kind,innovative and great fun, , this salon exemplifies everything that is best practice in aesthetics, and the future of the salon industry in general. The team of highly trained professionals excel in every area of the business and service that Sparx Beauty seeks to provide, making for a truly special experience. The staff are trained not only on the treaments, but first and foremost on what gives Sparx its spark – actively listening to the individual needs of their clients. The team see every client differently and take pride is delivering an exceptional, bespoke service. Providing the best possible service across the board makes for an even more luxurious experience during the aesthetics treatment itself. Every staff member is keen to learn and attend supplier training sessions, as well as regular in-salon training. All of the team members at Sparx Beauty take a proactive approach to make sure that when clients leave they feel, refreshed, energised and their best self. There is a caring atmosphere at Sparx Beauty, complemented by an ethos of compassion that is shared by the whole team. The salon itself caters to everyone, including those who have physical and mental disabilities. Treatments can be Success comes when fierce team spirit and extensive industry knowledge are combined effortlessly to create a service that far exceeds any expectations that a client may have. That is exactly what the team at Sparx Beauty has achieved, in its work as one of the finest aesthetic laser treatments salons in Hampshire. Priding itself on being a caring salon, we take a closer look to find out what makes it such a success story within the industry. Sparx Beauty Ltd Best Aesthetic Laser Treatments Salon - Hampshire moved to accommodate wheelchair users, and carers are encouraged to bring their wards for a sumptuous OR treat day at the salon. Intuition and innovation are not in short supply at Sparx Beauty, as the whole team shares the vision of further developing itself both as a business, and as a key part of Winchester’s progressive ambition. Sparx Beauty’s success is attributed to the enviable team ethos. From the management who employs and invests in a team that always strives to deliver the best customer service, to training and learning about the latest beauty treatments in order to stay ahead of the competition, Sparx Beauty is one of the best in the industry. The salon has also invested in an efficient online booking system working in tandem with digital marketing driving traffic to its site through effective SEO and top of the Google rankings. Looking at the beauty and aesthetic trends of the future, Sparx Beauty knows where it must go and what it must do to stay relevant to all of its clientele. Staying ahead of the curve is key in such a competitive market for instance brow lamination is already available at Sparx just as it hits the trends Training helps the team to always be on top of trends, testing and asking clients for feedback before investing in anything new that might compromise the otherwise-impeccable reputation of Sparx Beauty today. The future also holds a change of premises, as 2021 will see the salon move into a brand new leisure centre in Winchester, enhancing its aesthetics to clients coming for a treatment. Taking care of our skin and beauty is a treat for many of us . The chance to be pampered, glammed, and highlighted as a truly beautiful individual is a small luxury Yet, the team at Sparx Beauty have mastered it, listening, caring and making sure each client has the best experience possible. Giving its clients a sparkle like no other, Sparx Beauty is a fantastically exceptional salon that consistently goes above and beyond in the delivery of luxury treatments. Company: Sparx Beauty Ltd Contact: Penny Kimpton Website: https://www.sparx-beauty.com/

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