2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 27 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Blending luxury with environmental awareness, GreenCharmCosmetics specializes in making high-quality beauty products using ingredients and elements that all-natural. People all over the world are realising the importance of these two aspects coming together, without losing the luxurious feel and impact of the beauty products themselves. There is no need to compromise or substitute one for the other here; clients from all over the world can have the best of both the luxury and the eco-friendly worlds whilst experiencing the smooth and sensitive power of the skincare products provided by GreenCharmCosmetics. More than the organic nature of the products however, it is the manual production methods with lots of eco-friendly ingredients that has helped the company to stand out as truly exceptional in the cosmetics industry. A family venture organised and run by Anna Svergun, GreenCharmCosmetics guarantees the personal touch with each and every one of its products and services. Beyond the actual product itself, of which there are a great number of luxurious offerings, one of the most exceptional parts to what Anna has created is that personalised service. From email communications back and forth, to personal messages, and a detailed follow- up service to ensure the client is happy, GreenCharmCosmetics finds it charm in the way it personally interacts with each unique client. This personal level of service also then enhances the luxury of the products themselves, and the cycle of business repeats itself. By striving to offer only the highest quality and most luxurious products, the business has become one of the most formidable of its kind for its size and scale. One of the best things that anybody can do for their skin is invest in high-quality beauty products, especially ones that are sensitive and organic. Not only does it feel good to take great care of your own skin, but knowing that it is also helping the planet can help people feel even better about taking care of themselves. That is exactly where Anna Svergun and her online shop GreenCharmCosmetics comes in, offering a wide selection of luxurious and eco-friendly beauty products. GreenCharmCosmetics Best Organic Sensitive Skincare Products Provider - Baltics Anna herself understands better than most the importance of having healthy skin, and the necessity of sometimes having to use sensitive skincare products to achieve that. As a child, she suffered with skin that was prone to acne and becoming oily. After some unsuccessful attempts from many different existing remedies and professional help, Anna eventually decided to attempt to solve the problem herself. From there, she began to study books on dermatology and cosmetology, learning more about what happens to the human body and its skin over time. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Anna began to delve into the world of creating her own range of scrubs, creams, and medicated ointments. Thus, the beginning of GreenCharmCosmetics was in motion. Time passed, and Anna slowly became more interested in other luxurious cosmetics that could be used on the hair and body. Alongside her study of dermatology, she furthered her understanding of cosmetology over the course of four years in order to jump-start her production to the next level. New products were slowly developed and tested, before Anna arrived at the conclusion that she could help other people as well as herself. Anyone struggling with dermatological issues could benefit from Anna’s work and research into the fields of dermatology and cosmetology. It was then that the story of GreenCharmCosmetics started, and it continues to be written to this day. Now fully established, Anna set about considering how she might expand and extend the wealth of luxurious and eco- friendly goods that were already on offer at her online shop. Luxury does not need to be reserved for skincare, dermatology, and cosmetology, and Anna swiftly set about including more products in her range. Now, GreenCharmCosmetics sells more than cosmetics, with bags, purses, as well as a plethora of hand-knit and machine-knit accessories, all of which are made with the same love, care, and dedication to luxury and eco-friendly practices. GreenCharmCosmetics is exactly what it says it is; charming, eco-friendly cosmetics. However, what the title does not mention is the years of meticulous research, painstaking hours of refinement and development, and resulting luxury products that continue to be outstanding within the field of dermatology and cosmetology. Taking care of your skin and the planet are two incredibly worthwhile things to be doing, and GreenCharmCosmetics now allows individuals to do them together, in luxurious style. Company: GreenCharmCosmetics Contact: Anna Svergun Website: https://greencharmlifeblog.com/ Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ GreenCharmCosmetics

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