2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 28 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards #FrshFced ® started as a result of many of Elaine’s aesthetic clients not getting the best results from their treatments, often down to poor skin health. Unable to provide the luxurious services she wished to do so, Elaine set about fixing the problem herself. At the time that she began her work on what would become #FrshFced ® , there were so many products on the market that contained micro-beads, manufactured plastic particles that are less than one millimetre in diameter. Thankfully, that has since been bettered, but at the time it forced Elaine to look at what was available, and where she could do better for her clients. Coupled with a desire to produce products that didn’t incorporate too many cosmeceutical ingredients, Elaine strived to put nature back into the skincare routine of her clients without breaking the bank. What started with a simple skin exfoliant made essentially from sugar has since evolved into one of the finest providers of artisanal skincare products in Scotland. From its humble beginnings, the growth of #FrshFced ® into one of the most luxurious natural skincare companies has been wholly thanks to the dedication, care, and craft of Elaine Headley. Whether she was training how to actually make her own moisturisers, or expanding her range of luxurious products, Elaine has single-handedly crafted this firm into something that has made a meaningful impact in the lives of her clients. Breaking customers buying habits is not easy, especially when in competition with massive and established high street brands, but Elaine’s belief in what #FrshFced ® does is unbeatable. She knows One of the best luxuries that artisanal skincare products can often provide is the dedication and craft that goes into creating those products. They are a passion product, created without many of the sometimes-harmful chemicals that go into mass produced products. Companies such as #FrshFced ® embody this passion, with individuals such as Elaine Headley steering the ship. We find out more about this one-woman crusade to help her aesthetic clients achieve beautiful skin that has been cared for by nature itself. #FrshFced ® Best Artisan Skincare Products 2020 – Scotland & Best UK Skin Hydration Product: ACE Moisturiser the difference it can make to a person’s skin and complexion when using natural products. Every time one product sells, that is one more person who has let nature take care of them. Elaine herself brings a background in nursing to her work in aesthetics and skincare, so being conscious of one’s health is a massive part of everything she does. In every luxurious product and committed customer service interaction, Elaine’s focused on ensuring that all products give your skin and complexion the best chance to stay healthy is resolute. That focus also extends to the luxurious personal touch that Elaine offers as part of #FrshFced ® , getting to know all of her clients and adding unexpected little surprises into the packages she sends out. Helping her clients feel special as well as luxurious, Elaine ensures that every box opening is just as pleasant an experience as using the products themselves. Keeping its ethos of “organic health for your skin” above anything else, #FrshFced ® is relentless in its pursuit of natural, organic, and luxurious health for every single one of its clients’ skincare routines. There is a strong emphasis on quality over profit, whilst Elaine stays abreast of any new and natural products that can give clients an option, helping them explore more options for the healthiest skincare routine. Looking ahead to the future, the dream is to take the brand of #FrshFced ® even further, beyond the confines of the Internet at present. Online shopping has been a wonderful development for the industry of health, beauty, and wellness, but the assumption that everyone prefers purchasing that way is wrong. Whilst high streets and traditional methods of retail are changing, #FrshFced ® is exploring every possible avenue to bring its range of luxurious skincare products to customers all over Scotland and the United Kingdom. With more organic-type spa facilities, introduction of a range specifically for men, small consultancy-based treatment plans, and the possibility of creating tailor-made skincare for individual clients, Elaine’s aim is to keep #FrshFced ® bijou whilst making it even more accessible for people everywhere. For any other artisan companies out there, the message from #FrshFced ® is clear; never give up. When sales are slow, or you start to feel despondent, look back and remember the passion that started the journey. Keep the belief, and grow the business organically, ensuring it can sustain itself in the long run. This luxurious range of skincare products does more than inspire other companies of a similar ilk, however. It continually and consistently makes a client look and feel amazing, bringing people back to the loving embrace of nature and its wealth of goodness. Company: #FrshFced ® Contact: Elaine Headley Website: https://frshfced.com/

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