2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 37 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Inc. has displayed, that the company is now exporting its products to more than nineteen countries all over the world. What makes Dermafirm Inc. different to its competitors, of which there are many, is that the firm’s skincare lines blend advanced medical technology with the highest quality ingredients to provide safe and effective solutions for all types of skin. Its award- winning products are used in more than three thousand dermatology and skincare clinics across South Korea and beyond, having already gone through extensive clinical trials and testing. By owning and not outsourcing any of its proprietary formulation labs, Dermafirm Inc. has ensured that its ingredients are free from impurities and harmful ingredients that may cause untold damage to any potential users. Luxury products demand the highest quality ingredients, and Dermafirm Inc. settles for nothing less. Luxury abounds in Dermafirm Inc.’s products, and just how free from harmful chemicals they truly are. There is no tar, ethylene oxide, benzophenone, diazolidinyl ure, DMDM hydantoin, zinc pyrithione, hydroquinone, artificial colourings, and triclosan, amongst a myriad of other potentially harmful chemicals and unnecessary additions. Instead, Dermafirm Inc. strives to only produce functional ingredients directly, that impact a products effectiveness in natural and organic ways. That impact is not brought about at the cost of maintaining sustainable quality or compromising accurate ingredient contents. Just ten years ago, Dermafirm Inc. formed a CGMP grade plant and expanded its Cosmetics Texture Research Institute, where the firm continued to research ingredients that are highly effective with minimal side effects. Fast forward five years, and Dermafirm Inc. had developed Derma System Cell Peptide Technology, helping it to launch BIOTOC, a top- of-the-line, super anti-ageing product. A lotion form of Botox, BIOTOC is quickly and deeply absorbed by the skin for fast and effective results that leave skin more luxurious than ever before. BIOTOC contains Dermafirm Inc.- developed peptides, providing visible results that are recognized throughout the world. A perfect example of BIOTOC’s exceptionality within the luxury cosmetics and cosmeceutical industry is its liquid-type ampoule, offering rapid absorption of plentiful nutrition. Within just a few applications to the eyelids, forehead, and wrinkles on the neck, all areas are rejuvenated and restored in elasticity, similar to the effects of fillers. That is why BIOTOC is widely known as a topical filler by many dermatologists in South Korea. Not only are the effects luxurious, but the fragrant aromas leave users in pure delight when making full use of Dermafirm Inc.’s BIOTOC range of products. Dermafirm USA is the exclusive reseller of Dermafirm Inc. for the United States, Central America, and South America. As the Korean dermatology and skincare clinics and laboratories continue to develop the highest quality and most luxurious skincare products on the market, Dermafirm USA seeks to help more and more people across the Americas benefit from medical-grade and top-of-the-line Korean beauty cosmeceuticals at affordable prices. Ensuring that every user and buyer can give themselves a luxurious experience with outstanding results and impeccably flawless features, both Dermafirm Inc. and Dermafirm USA are making waves with its special functional cosmetics for healthy skin. Using only the finest and best formulations is a key part of the success that Dermafirm Inc. has experienced over the past eighteen years. If they are anything to go by, the next eighteen years of cosmetics and skincare products will continue to be just as exciting. Company: Dermafirm USA Contact: Kim Park Website: dermafirmusa.com

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