2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 38 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Unfortunately there is a great deal of incorrect advice and inaccurate or outdated information currently circulating in books and on the internet that leads to people making mistakes, creating products that are unsafe, unstable, or ineffective. Helping to combat this misinformation is the School of Natural Skincare, which teaches people how to make their own luxurious skincare and haircare products using natural and organic ingredients. The school teaches students how to create their own products from scratch like professionals, and prides itself on promoting best practice following industry standards and cosmetic regulations. Staff at the School of Natural Skincare teach students how to make their own natural and organic cosmetic products and, through the information that they share, empower them to stand on their own two feet in order to become the innovative creators of their own products. Through industry best practices, safety guidelines, and the latest cosmetic regulations, the staff ensure that students learn safely how to handle ingredients and create safe, stable, and effective products. Those products are therefore homemade, artisan, handcrafted, and offer a unique personal touch to any potential customers further down the line, whilst also being professional and ensuring the highest quality. It is not only the passion for the subject that marks out School of Natural Skincare as a truly exceptional place of cosmetic learning, but also the breadth of knowledge it imparts. Experts take the form of scientists, cosmetic formulators, beauty brand owners, aromatherapist, beauty business experts, As more and more people are looking to create their own luxury and organic cosmetic and aesthetic skincare products, having the proper training and guidance is absolutely crucial. When working with complicated formulas and blends, it helps to have the extensive knowledge and insight imparted by the staff team at the School of Natural Skincare. Join LUXlife as we discover what makes this one of the Best Online Organic Skincare Formulations Schools in 2020. School of Natural Skincare Best Online Organic Skincare Formulations School 2020 and many others, each one offering information that has been created and found by qualified industry professionals. There is an exceptionally huge pool of expertise that students can rely on, and discussions online are monitored to ensure correct advice is being shared at all times. Advice is shared and lessons are taught in the best possible way by presenting information to students in ways that are both easy to understand and easy to digest. There is no unnecessary overcomplication of the subject matter with jargon or overly complicated science. Instead, everything is checked and tailored to non-scientists so it is easy to understand and digest for every student, regardless of background. The content is varied, and delivered through a multimedia platform so anyone can learn through written materials, audio, videos, practical demonstrations, and practical actions. Studying at the School of Natural Skincare is experiential, as students are encouraged to do rather than simply absorb the knowledge that is being taught to them. The search for truly natural and organic products is growing stronger each day, and that is exactly what the students at the School of Natural Skincare learn all about. Located all over the globe and from all walks of life, students study in their own time, at their own pace, and from the comfort of wherever they may be, whether at home or on holiday. Every student displays a passion for health, wellbeing, and happiness, and wants to do something meaningful for themselves with their passion. Whether they are looking to make products that that care for their skin, solve a particular skin issue, or contribute to a wider healing goal, the collective passion from the students remains the same. One thing is true of all the students at the School of Natural Skincare; when they make that first successful product, they enter the rabbit hole of discovery that never seems to end. There is always more to learn, discover, and try, with more products and techniques to master. As students learn more and more, they also become more conscious shoppers and more discerning between what products are right and wrong. For the School of Natural Skincare, it is all about promoting positive and innovative health, healing, and happiness so that students can spread their own health, healing, and happiness to their families and their communities. Company: School of Natural Skincare Contact: Gail Després Web: www.schoolofnaturalskincare.com

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