2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 39 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Sun protection is one of those cosmetic products that is automatically associated with luxury. The fragrance can send people back through their memories to a simpler time of lounging on a pure white and sandy beach beneath a flawless sky, with the sun drenching their skin. As luxurious as those times are, sun protection also plays a vital role in actually protecting the skin from harmful chemicals as well as the power of the sun. Moondust Cosmetics® has been under the sage guidance and leadership of Chanda Siddoo- Atwal, otherwise known as Dr Moondust®. Together with her team, Dr Moondust® meticulously researched commonly used ingredients in sun protection products and subsequently discovered that some were highly toxic to the skin, especially chemically- based sun products. However, some were very effective in not only preventing scientific sunburn, but also in helping to soothe and calm the skin if it was more inclined to burn. Thus, Moondust Cosmetics® was born. Dr Moondust’s clinical research was based on her own personal observations of how her skin burned and peeled after being exposed to sunlight, despite using sunscreens and protective products with various different SPF levels. So, both her personal and her Moondust Cosmetics® focus became to create a skincare sun protection product that helped to combat all the three phases of The Human Sunburn Cycle, with a particular focus on apoptosis which can eventually cause skin cancer. In doing so, Moondust Cosmetics® launched two products prior to releasing Dr Moondust’s latest award-winning creation: Skin Protector Plus. Everybody loves to be out in the sun. It can be fun, warm, and so often linked to fond memories of good times with the best of friends. However, taking care of your skin when in the sun is just as vital to having a great time. Sun protection products can help everyone to relax and unwind in the sunshine without the fear of waking up in severe pain, or having done severe damage beneath the surface. Moondust Cosmetics® is one such company dedicated to properly protecting those who love spending time in the sun. Moondust Cosmetics ® Best Sun Protection Product 2020: Moondust Natural Skin Protector Plus Skin either tans or burns, it doesn’t do both. That is why choosing the right type of sun protection for your individual skin type is absolutely critical. Skin Protector Plus is not just another sun protection cream, but rather it is a highly effective and luxurious skincare product designed to minimize the risk of scientific sunburn, and decrease the chances of getting skin cancer when used as directed by a medical professional. It is the appropriate choice for the ultimate in UVA and UVB protection, since both can cause apoptosis, or scientific sunburn. One of the safest minerals with a high stability ratio and therefore a long shelf life, is zinc oxide. Skin Protector Plus has 13.5% zinc oxide, equating to roughly SPF 20, which allows it to physically block all UV wavelengths and is the widest spectrum UV reflector that has been approved by the FDA. Nano form or microfine powders are not used, meaning that the zinc oxide that is present is made more active and effective, staying on the surface of the skin with less absorption. Skin Protector Plus is paraben- free, and has no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. It can be safely applied all over the body, including the scalp, and can be used alone or underneath makeup. With the addition of lavender and rose essential oils, users can feel luxuriously fresh and hydrated in their skin. All of the products designed by Moondust Cosmetics® and Dr Moondust have been formulated to contain apoptosis protection factor (APF). However, the real difference in Skin Protector Plus is the increase in the zinc oxide content, along with the addition of essential oils to make it easy to spread and fragrant like no other product on the market. It is suitable and ideal for anyone who has a history of skin cancer, is currently suffering with skin cancer, or is in post-skin cancer treatment, though it is always best to consult a dermatologist or oncologist if the user is on medication or undergoing other treatment. Dr Moondust has become a worldwide authority on apoptosis and the effects it can have on the skin of those who do not protect themselves when spending a lot of time in the sun. Regularly publishing articles in journals, books, and presenting her research at international scientific conferences, there is no one better to develop, produce, and release one of the world’s best skincare sun protection products. Moondust Cosmetics® does exactly that with the Skin Protector Plus, and it is fully deserving of its place in this years award winners. Company: Moondust Cosmetics® Contact: Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, a.k.a. Dr Moondust Email: [email protected] Website: www.moondustcosmetics.com

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