2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 41 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards The DA Group began with a simple idea: lose weight and become healthy. As a family who had recently achieved that goal, the idea transformed into a desire to help others not only achieve that result, but maintain it in the long run. Whilst misinformation and certain people have perpetuated the idea that “all you have to do is eat health and move more, it’s not rocket science”, the true secret to losing weight and living healthily is far more than just that. All kinds of factors can affect whether or not a person and their family is able to properly lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Socioeconomic status, health problems, and a lack of support can all contribute to failed weight loss, but The DA Group seeks to provide the general public with the necessary tools to gain success despite personal circumstances. With outstanding clients in support groups, The DA Group aims to encourage, motivate, and inspire everyone in their own personal journey towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. As with any support group, experience is king, and The DA Group brings a wealth of it to every group and individual it works with. Each group benefits from a three-pronged approach from the firm, focusing on supplements, plans, and support. Supplemental support can help to ensure that everyone who is a part of The DA Group is getting their daily vital vitamins and minerals to help combat the negative side effects associated with a calorie deficit, such as tiredness and increased hunger levels. Nothing helps achieve a goal more than a well- structured plan, and that is another key step in the three-pronged approach offered by The DA Group. Healthy eating plans can encourage portion control and healthy swaps within meals themselves. Where members may have once reached for a bag of crisps or an unhealthy and nutrient-deficient snack, a well-made plan can provide healthy alternatives. In everything, Like the most luxurious things in life, The DA Group began with nothing more than a simple idea and a driving passion. Within the health, beauty, and wellness sector, success is built on visible results. In that respect, the reputation and success of The DA Group is one of the best companies around. We take a closer look to find out what makes it a company of such high quality. The DA Group Best Natural Diet Products Company 2020 - UK The DA Group encourages a lifestyle change, rather than a quick-fix diet. Finally, support is always available through The DA Group. Facebook groups are a source of the most up-to-date information, answers to oft-posed questions, and staff can check in on clients’ progress and offer any help they can. In order to offer the latest knowledge and insight to its community, the team at The DA Group works hard to listen to them and stay ahead of emerging developments. Remaining up to date with the latest research when it comes to ingredients, products, and biology within the field is just one way that clients can be assured of the best possible advice when it comes to achieving their personal goals for changing their lifestyle. Listening to the community has also meant that The DA Group was able to provide more recipes for vegetarian dishes and meals for one person. As a result, the company has just released its first comprehensive recipe which has been a huge success. Despite being a largely family-run business, every single staff members and client alike is made to feel as though they are a part of the family at The DA Group. Everyone brings something different, a new skill, or an important piece of expertise. As it has expanded and continues to expand however, there is always room for more expertise in the next few years. With a fantastic team of Facebook moderators scattered through Europe, there is room for everyone to be a part of the life-changing family that The DA Group has created for those who need it. The necessity to live well and eat well has never been more important than it is right now, with so much of the world in lockdown and quarantine. At a time where what we eat and how we live is changing dramatically, the advice and support from The DA Group is nothing short of an oasis of knowledge in a desert of misinformation. Its true luxury lies in its ability to help those become the person that they want to be, and lead the life they want to live. Company: The DA Group Contact: Rebecca Scrivener Website: https://www.dropaway.co.uk/

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