2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 44 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards With the rise of aesthetic clinics all over the world, standing out can be harder than ever. Vie Aesthetics has no such problem, priding itself on delivering exceptionally luxurious results that are one hundred percent natural, with a total commitment to ethics and safety. Whether patients have issues pertaining to their skin, face, hair, or anywhere else of the body, Vie Aesthetics presents itself as a holistic centre for health, beauty, and wellness, offering all of those services and more under one roof. Alongside the traditional non-surgical rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, face lifts, and anti- ageing treatments, Vie Aesthetics has also introduced new treatments such as IV vitamin and wellness infusions, Vitamin D, b12, and a new antioxidant shot, a weight management clinic, life coaching, and CBT sessions. There is so much on offer at Vie Aesthetics, and it is all incredibly exciting. Over the last eighteen months, Vie Aesthetics has emerged as one of the leading clinics for soft surgery, with incredible numbers and rates of success in non-surgical eye lid lifts using Fusion Plasma technology, amongst its myriad of other treatment. Each package is geared towards a different age group, but incorporates equally top-of-the-range approaches that address the different ageing and sun damage issues like volume loss, saggy skin, loss of skin laxity, and pigmentation. The last few years has seen Vie Aesthetics make the decision to exploit the advantages of regenerative medicine in aesthetics. Fast forward a few years, and the clinic has become a world leading in the field of regenerative treatments, using a patient’s own tissue to reverse of manage problems such as ageing or hair loss. Vie Aesthetics was in fact one of the first clinics in the United Kingdom to introduce hair loss treatments with Regenera Activa, and now attracts clients from all over the world. Aesthetic clinics have been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. The service they provide is one of luxury, helping any and all patients achieve their aesthetic goals. In heart of Greater London is one of the city’s most exceptional soft surgery practices offering that same level of luxury time after time: Vie Aesthetics. Specialising in non-surgical cosmetic solutions for all over the body, discover just how luxurious this clinics treatments really are. Vie Aesthetics Best Soft Surgery Practice 2020 - Greater London As well as the plethora of packages that the clinic offers, it also specialises in combination treatments that are tailored to an individual’s own needs and concerns. The team work incredibly hard to help patients reach their goals, drawing on expertise from a multi-disciplinary team of doctors and skin specialists who operate in close unison, pooling together their insight and talents. Rather than simply seeing or using one specialist or treatment, patients can combine treatments and enable themselves to reach their goals in shorter times. It presents a really personalised approach that is not only luxurious in its delivery of results, but also throughout the process as the patient is made to feel truly unique and cared for. That sense of being cared for is enhanced at every stage of the process with Vie Aesthetics. On top of the five-star hospitality it offers and the calmness of the modern and state-of-the-art premises, staff always go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. Before any treatment, clients receive a comprehensive and no-obligation consultation to ensure they are fully educated before making any decisions. There are also extensive aftercare plans including free reviews, always with the client’s doctor or skin therapist, to ensure they are hitting their goals. Everything is done with the client at the centre of process, ensuring they want for nothing. Non-surgical procedures are becoming more and more mainstream for consumers everywhere, across both genders. Keeping its finger on the pulse of what people want from aesthetics treatments, Vie Aesthetics has also created a number of combination treatments designed especially for guys. Whether it’s to help them enhance the masculinity of their facial features, or tone their bodies, there is something for everyone at Vie Aesthetics. Clients can combine different treatments to optimise results, rather than just having a traditional dermal filler, for example. There is a collaborative approach and cumulative international knowledge on display Vie Aesthetics that makes it one of the best in the world for aesthetics. The aesthetics world is one that is constantly growing, changing, developing, and evolving with new treatments, new knowledge, and better practices. At Vie Aesthetics, the team are always expanding the treatment menu and hunting down the latest and most exciting trends and technology. As Vie Aesthetics continues to pioneer the world of regenerative medicine in aesthetics, so too will it lead the way in luxury treatments for those clients who want to be their best self. Company: Vie Aesthetics Contact: Vicky Grammatikopoulou Website: http://www.vie-aesthetics.com/