2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 45 LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards There are few things more wonderful for a businessowner than to see their passion grow, day after day, whilst helping others in an industry that thrives on helping more people feel their best self. Encapsulating that beauty is Face of Dee, owned and run entirely by Dareen El Samarany. Working with all types of people in the beauty industry, Dareen collaborates with makeup artists, influencers, online brands, and physical beauty stores to bring them a product that is luxurious in every sense of the word. The quality of the formulas that Dareen creates are paramount to the success and reputation of Face of Dee, and are nothing short of perfection. As a perfectionist herself, Dareen understands better than most that in order to sell a product, you must first be fully confident in it and proud of the results in generates. Part of that confidence comes from Dareen trying every product before taking it to market so that others can partake in the luxury, beauty, and elegance she does. That desire to ensure every product is absolutely perfect is what separates Dareen and Face of Dee from their competitors within the beauty market of Lebanon. Maintaining that desire is also key to Face of Dee’s growth, with Dareen keen to continue the dedication she gives to each and every single detail pertaining to the products themselves. Face of Dee is all about not letting a single product reach the market unless it is fully approved and meets Dareen’s standard of excellence. Offering staples of the beauty and makeup industry, Dareen and Face of Dee ensure that the Lebanese woman has everything she could possibly need to feel beautiful in her own skin. From lipsticks to beauty As with many luxurious passion projects, Face of Dee once began as a dream that eventually started to come true. Founded and solely operated by Dareen El Samarany, Face of Dee serves the beauty sector by offering products that each and every person working in the industry needs. As the dream of what Face of Dee could be continues to expand and unfold, we take a closer look to learn more about this game-changer for the beauty industry in Lebanon. Face Of Dee Best Make-Up & Cosmetics Brand - Lebanon blenders, to lip gloss and mascara, the range of products on offer through Face of Dee are designed to enhance the beauty of everyone who buys them. 2020 will hopefully see the release of four new products when the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus begins to dissipate, including liquid eyeshadows, two styles of lipliners, bullet lipsticks, and eyeliner transformer makeup. Despite her lofty ambitions for what Face of Dee could eventually become, Dareen never loses sight of what makes her brand so successful: her personal connection to both the products and buyers themselves. In her role as sole proprietor of the brand, Dareen has the chance to interact with everyone at every stage of the process and ensure that they receive only the best service and most luxurious beauty products. Face of Dee may be a young brand, but its potential stretches well into the future with Dareen at the helm. In Lebanon already, it is a brand that can compete in quality with international brands. With only one person behind all of its current success and excellent reputation, Face of Dee stands as more than just an exceptionally luxurious brand. It is an inspiration to anyone else who wants to follow their passion, and help people become their best self along the way. Company: Face Of Dee Contact: Dareen El Samarany Website: https://www.faceofdee.com/ Face Of