2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 54 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards Beginning life in 2014, Caldera + Lab started out as a venture to improve health through a connection with nature. Co-founders Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre started out splitting time between Los Angeles, California, and Jackson, Wyoming as they pursued different careers outside of health, beauty, and wellness. However, the increased travel between two such vastly different climates meant that their skin began to feel the effects. Whilst Stacy was able to benefit from a wide variety of quality, non-toxic women’s skincare products, Jared was unable to find a men’s brand that held it’s own and delivered the same luxurious results. There are times in an industry’s lifespan when an outsider may see things more clearly, and decide to elevate the standards at which it has settled. Jared and Stacy were those outsiders, and the elevated standard saw the introduction of Caldera + Lab in 2016. What started with a desire to ensure that men everywhere had access to quality skincare products designed for them quickly evolved into one of the most game-changing new additions to the health, beauty, and wellness industry, for men in particular. Bringing on board an expert team of green scientists, herbalists, and formulators, Caldera + Lab spent two years developing what would eventually become The Good – a game- changing, one-step, multi-functional face serum that was backed by scientific studies. Now, more than four years on from the beginning of Caldera + Lab, The Good has become the first men’s skincare line in the United States to be certified by both MADE SAFE® and ECOCERT, two of the world’s premiere non-toxic certification bodies. Where once there were only luxury skincare products aimed at women, there is now a wealth of products aimed at catering for men. However, truly discerning men demand and deserve the absolute best that the industry has to offer. Caldera + Lab offers that level of exceptionality for men seeking to truly take care of their skin. In what is a largely unregulated industry, Caldera + Lab provides the assurance that its products are not only safe to use, but also deliver real, luxurious results. Caldera + Lab Best Men’s Botanical Skincare Product 2020: The Good Packed full of free radical fighting antioxidants, The Good is wild resilience in a bottle, and is the perfect serum for the discerning man in search of a luxury lifestyle that is impossible to match. By acting on the skin’s microbiome, The Good’s prebiotic and antioxidant functions help the skin to find its natural and unique equilibrium. Gone are the days of dry or oily skin, as The Good seeks to restore the balance and ensure men everywhere can have luxurious feeling skin all the time. As a non-comedogenic serum, The Good won’t clog pores and includes wild bergamot and frankincense that adapt to skin, moisturizing and balancing only where it is needed. Mimicking the skin it is used upon, The Good and its twenty seven different botanicals work synergistically to mirror the skin’s natural processes and sebum structure, so that it can readily absorb the nutrients from The Good’s antioxidant complex. Adding to the luxury of its already exceptional results, The Good works best at night when the body’s circadian rhythm makes skin more receptive to macro, micro, and meso nutrients. Users don’t have to do anything other than simply and easily apply the serum, and let it do its work. The wildness of The Good can be seen in its clinically-proven, multi-functional, and non-toxic formula, consisting of twenty seven different active botanicals that have all been meticulously infused over a four week period at an ECOCERT COSMOS-certified facility. All of the ingredients that have been used in the formulation of The Good are wild or organic, free from GMOs, resulting in a lightweight treatment that has been specifically designed to restore, nourish, and protect a man’s skin. Gone are the days when men must use luxury skincare products from women’s brands, as they can have something that is suited to their own skin. Combatting the harshness that men’s skin faces every single day, Caldera + Lab has designed The Good to not just be that, but to be the best. Discerning men can now own a luxury skincare product that is all their own, working wonders in the rejuvenation and restoration of long-suffering skin. Company: Caldera + Lab Contact: Jared Pobre, Founder Website: https://calderalab.com/

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