2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

Page 8 www.lux-review.com LUX 2020 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards most important areas of natural cosmetics, the scents, whilst contributing to the overall awareness of everyone who has an interest in the area. One of the many ways in which the Modern CosmEthics stays ahead of the curve is the other key area that the association has invested in: the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate. Currently attractive to mostly smaller independent beauty businesses who want to stand out as well as stand by the big cosmetics corporations, the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate helps them to become recognizable for producing top-quality cosmetics. CosmEthically ACTIVE is the first certificate in the world that evaluates a cosmetic product according to the natural origins of its ingredients, the concentration of cosmetically active ingredients, and the cosmetic efficacy of the product itself. The ultimate objective of the certificate is to gain international recognition as a synonym for high-quality, natural, healthy and sustainable cosmetics. It has long been known that products originating from nature may be extremely beneficial for the skin, particularly those that are the skin’s own substance, and are highly active when used as cosmetic ingredients, e.g. hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10… However, the concentration matters because cosmetically active ingredients are responsible for the desired skincare effects of cosmetic products, such as antioxidative effects. Marketing promises are therefore primarily based on the presence of cosmetically active ingredients and their cosmetic effects. Yet, for all their importance, active concentrations are very poorly defined by the cosmetic regulations. This generally allows cosmetic producers and manufacturers to hide behind their claims and include only the minimum, which is not necessarily the most effective, quantities of cosmetically active ingredients. Without a suitable concentration of these ingredients, no significant or noticeable cosmetic effects can be expected or experienced. This is where CosmEthically ACTIVE comes in, as the certificate provides clients with the certainty of an evidence- based cosmetic product, formulated using ingredients that have been scientifically proven to express cosmetic effects after their application. The certificate identifies products that are based on the skin’s natural needs and are environmentally acceptable, meaning that the individual cosmetic ingredients they contain are highly biodegradable. The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate crucially only allows ecologically acceptable natural cosmetic ingredients. As an association, the experience of Modern CosmEthics has shown it that smaller companies are much more committed to so-called active cosmetics, and formulating cosmetic products that truly express the best cosmetic activity on the skin. Unfortunately, they cannot afford large advertising campaigns that would show their work to the world, but that is what the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate seeks to achieve on their behalf. CosmEthically ACTIVE represents a unique understanding of cosmetics that are based on the skin’s physiological needs and good environmental acceptability, supported by the highest level of science-based knowledge. There are a lot of certification institutions around the world, but the whole idea behind CosmEthically ACTIVE is new, capitalising on aspects that other certifications just don’t cover. With the evaluation of physiologically acceptable pH, the composition of a formulation itself, and a high level of a product’s biodegradability, CosmEthically ACTIVE offers a stricter criteria of environmental and skin friendliness over any other certification body. Katja Schoss

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