Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 12 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Dubbed the best hair dressing salon in Pooler, By Jessica & Company Beauty Lounge is a company nestled in the heart of one of Georgia’s fastest growing cities. Located along the 95 and 16 interstates and northwest of Savannah, it has experienced a threefold increase in population since the turn of the century. Therefore, many businesses have seized the opportunity to step up to the plate in serving this constantly growing community – and Jessica & Co is one of them. This business was founded in 2016 with the mission of offering hair, lash, and brow stylings to a whole new standard of excellence, from the customer service to the products themselves, and this has brought it significant notoriety in its region. The list of capabilities and proficiencies found amongst its small but dedicated team are truly exemplary, and include a myriad of various hair treatments, hair extensions, brow tinting work, lash extensions, men’s stylings, and so much more. In addition, each member of staff strives to uphold Jessica & Co’s mission. This mission can be boiled down to two elements that work in tandem to create the excellent service it has become known for; firstly, it wishes to be the best in its area, and secondly, it wishes to create an outstanding atmosphere in its salon. Regarding the first point, Pooler has a thriving beauty sector with stiff competition in the professional hair and brow salon sector specifically, with many of them even working in and around the same location. However, the hair and beauty industry thrives on generating custom primarily from the reputation and buzz around specific salons. Here is where Jessica & Co shows much of its efficacy. By Jessica & Company Beauty Lounge is a small business operating with southern charm and professional diligence in the centre of one of Georgia’s fastest growing cities. Having cultivated a list of loyal clients over years of brilliant service, this salon has made a name for itself through the mingling of customer service and a top- of-the-range salon experience. Mar21318 By Jessica & Company Beauty Lounge Best Hair & Lash Salon - Chatham County The second prong of its mission statement, its atmosphere, is achieved by applying friendly and charismatic southern charm in its customer service. In this way, clients are always given a warm welcome and can soak up the jovial and easy-going feel of the salon, cultivated by people who are versed in customer service. Fundamentally, Jessica & Co seeks to heal the soul of a customer from the very moment they walk in the door. Its mixture of great hospitality and classy, well-organised work is emboldened by the backdrop of a beautifully appointed salon playing soft music through its internal speakers and complimentary soft drinks. In this way, Jessica & Co has established a haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.