Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 15 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards consistently so. To combat beard rash or any itchiness that customers might experience after a shave, The Bearded Chap’s offerings are appropriately moisturising without being heavy or greasy. Furthermore, its deodorants are aluminium free to reassure consumers that not only will they be gentle on skin, they will work. The Bearded Chap’s hair grooming solutions are similarly exemplary in that they can hold their own and work with a vast variety of hair types and textures, being the world’s first hair products that are oil based whilst still being water soluble. Its values are twofold when it comes to its attitude towards its customers. Firstly, it believes in going above and beyond the call of duty for a customer; haircare and styling is an incredibly individualistic thing that cannot be one size fits all, and so it has been careful to keep this in mind when creating its products. Throughout, it has kept to a staunch dedication in keeping its products versatile, but it is aware that one product will not fit everyone. Therefore, it works hard to be able to cater to and advise a client appropriately, happy to discuss what product would be best by applying its expert knowledge. With a light feel and a formula that is overall beneficial to encouraging healthy skin, each product elevates the standards of premium men’s styling solutions. The second element of The Bearded Chap’s values regards keeping abreast of the changes and trends in its industry. Haircare and personal grooming as a field is ever evolving, with new breakthroughs and products being created on the daily that The Bearded Chap strives to stay in the loop with. In this way, this company ensures that it is always at the cutting edge of the newest technologies, techniques, and formulas, forever bettering its own products and coming up with new breakthrough lines that challenge and improve the traditions of its industry. It is the seriousness with which is takes on this role as a front-runner in men’s haircare that informs its hiring process. The Bearded Chap maintains that in order to serve customers well, one must care deeply about the challenges they face, and be willing to go above and beyond in order to be the company that helps them in tackling those things. Due to this, the company looks for people with a natural knack for charismatic customer service and a personable nature, hiring those who believe firmly in its values of the customer coming first and with a keen interest in keeping up with the changeable world of haircare. This has allowed it to gather a team of people who are each themselves dynamic, flexible, and adaptive, with a true passion for letting the company reach the height of its potential. Each staff member has played a pivotal role in That Bearded Chap cornering the market. In tandem with this, one key thing that each of them share is their ability to think outside the box and communicate that effectively. Part of what has made this company’s product lines so well equipped to service its worldwide client base has been the broad perspective its staff have afforded it, with each member of its team contributing their voice to the development of new products with bold new approaches. Each fresh voice allows The Bearded Chap to increase the inclusivity of its services even further. The tight-knit group of six people that make up The Bearded Chap family have fun with their work, whilst still handling the business with diligence and professionalism. Furthermore, The Bearded Chap likes to set its own standards when it comes to how it operates. Whilst it keeps track of wider trends, it also likes to contribute its own innovations to its industry, creating its own trends and marching to the beat of its own drum. For example, this year it released its own limited- edition beard oil using real cannabis terpenes ‘to recreate the real Pineapple Express strain of the plant’, creating a sensually enthralling experience for the customer unlike any other product on the market. This attitude to ingenuity also helped it pull through the pandemic, as it responded to the challenge by meeting it head on and developed a line of Germ Killer hand sanitisers to supplying greater Queensland with clinical and non- clinical options. These are just two of its new products, and they will soon be joined by many more, as The Bearded Chap grows its team and lines to continue setting the bar for masculine grooming standards in its industry. Company: The Bearded Chap Contact: Luke Swenson Website: