Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 19 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Its product safety is ensured through a research and testing regime that sees each product and all formulations tested by qualified personnel. The company now stocks 200 essential oils, fragrance oils and carrier oils, as well as beautiful handmade soaps, moisturisers and body lotions. For customers who are looking to begin their essential oils journey, Freshskin Beauty’s starter kits are available from as little as £10. They feature many of the company’s best-selling essential oils as well as some lesser-known selections. These carefully collated collections are picked specifically for their mood-enhancing properties or seasonal fragrances. It’s a cost-effective option for beginners to begin their aromatherapy collection, while also a great way for essential oil enthusiasts to stock up. From soy candle wax and beeswax to Bekro candle dyes and amazing fragrance oils, Freshskin Beauty’s collection of candle making supplies offers the chance to create your own low-cost, sweet-smelling homemade candles. You can combine your favourite essential oils and fragrances to make beautiful scented candles a treat for yourself, the perfect gift or unique items to sell. Freshskin Beauty also has everything needed to create your own heavenly soaps at home. Using the purest soap making ingredients and creating luxurious textures and smells is something to which many craft lovers are addicted. Freshskin Beauty’s collection of soap making supplies include moulds, stamps, dyes, glitters and countless other items to give soapy creations that uniqueness, whether you’re making them for yourself, for friends or selling them on. And it doesn’t stop there with the ways you can get creative with essential oils. Freshskin Beauty’s blog on their website shares a variety of ways you can use them and how handmaking your own products is better for you and the environment, including face masks, body scrubs, moisturisers, hair care, bath bombs, washing powder and insect repellents. Ultimately, as Freshskin Beauty has grown, so too has its passion for achieving the highest standard in customer care and great service; this includes next day delivery, no minimum order and hand-packaging every item to ensure that customers get as much satisfaction from every Freshskin Beauty order as its team does. Company: Freshskin Beauty Contact: Paul Rawden Website: