Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 20 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards The Sunrider story is really the story of the Chen family. It encompasses generations, ancient Eastern traditions, and modern Western innovation. And it begins with the company’s founders, Drs Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen. While Sunrider was born in 1982, the journey began decades earlier in Tei-Fu Chen’s homeland of Taiwan. Growing up, Tei-Fu Chen was a sickly child and his grandfather cared for him with timeless Chinese herbal remedies. The medicinal properties of these plants were so powerful that they ignited in Tei-Fu Chen a lifelong passion for Chinese herbal philosophy. While studying herbal medicine and pharmacology in college, Tei-Fu Chen met and married Oi-Lin, a gifted medical student from Hong Kong. The couple paired their natural curiosity, scientific expertise, and shared entrepreneurial spirit to start a business that would change lives through natural products like those that changed Tei-Fu Chen’s life all those years ago. After their marriage, the Chens immigrated to the United States and settled in Utah. Dr Oi-Lin Chen worked as a research assistant and Dr Tei-Fu Chen had various jobs including 7-11 assistant manager and judo instructor. They also began raising a family of five children. In 1982, Dr Tei-Fu Chen founded Sunrider International, a herbal health food and skincare company. Dr Oi-Lin Chen practiced medicine to help support the family while Dr Tei-Fu Chen Sunrider International was founded in Utah in 1982 by Drs Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen. Their passion for people led them to create powerful herbal products to help others achieve optimal health and wellness, and a business opportunity that offers them the freedom to live happier, more balanced lives. Guided by owner expertise, Sunrider is a growing global enterprise that currently spans nearly 50 countries and territories. Mar21280 Sunrider International Best Herbal Nutrition Brand worked to realise his dream. They started small with the formulation, manufacturing and selling of herbal products from their home. Dr Oi-Lin Chen officially joined Sunrider International as president a few years later, bringing her medical and managerial expertise. In 1987, the Chens moved their steadily growing business to Torrance, California, where they built their world headquarters, beautifully situated on nine acres of land. Nestled inside of the headquarters is the Chen Art Gallery, a non-profit art gallery open to the public that showcases the personal art collection of Dr Tei-Fu Chen. The gallery boasts one of most important private collections of Chinese art and antiquities outside of Asia. The Chens continued their commitment to producing the finest herbal products available by personally overseeing the formulation, development and manufacturing of them. These products include supplements and foods for balancing the body’s systems; skincare, oral care and make-up infused with nature’s best ingredients; and laundry, kitchen and cleaning solutions which keep people and the planet safer. Sunrider now owns approximately two million square feet of