Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 22 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Fingernails2Go offers two products to the market: its freestanding kiosks, perfect for large footfall locations like shopping centre concourses, and its countertop digital nail art printers which are small form factor printers, perfect for a wide range of locations including hair, nail and beauty salons, among others. It is a perfect add-on service that requires no specialist training, enabling the operator to get the hang of creating perfect and beautiful nails in a short space of time. The Fingernails2Go team prides itself on its diverse group, committed to providing exceptional service for distributors, salons and end users. The team consists of vibrant and enthusiastic people from a range of industries who all add their own vital part to the success of the company at reaching out across the world. The company is also proud to be working with world leaders, HP for its printing solutions and advanced manufacturers, and NewVision for it’s assembly. After seven of research and development, customers can have the highest confidence in the ability of Fingernails2Go’s products. These products include a touch screen for easy user experience and carry an extensive range of images and patterns to choose from, including graffiti and pop art, along with featured nail art designs for events Nail art is truly one of the most expressive ways to stand out and make a statement and since its creation 8 years ago, Belfast-based Fingernails2Go has constantly striven to produce world leading digital nail art printers alongside its partners, HP and NewVision to bring exciting revenue- generating products to salons and others within the beauty and wellness industry. With core values focused on precision, quality and safety, Fingernails2Go’s mission is to revolutionise the nail art market. Mar21241 Fingernails2Go Best Nail Art Technology Company