Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 24 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards The world of veganism has become more and more popular over the last few years, with people becoming more open to a healthier lifestyle that has less of an impact on the environment at large. Demonstrating that a product is vegan, however, is not easy and requires a careful examination of the supply chain and how it operates. That is the sort of work where teams like V-Label thrive. In the 1970s, V-Label was born, in the heart of Italy. It wasn’t long before the uniquely Italian invention became one of international renowned, being presented at the first European Vegetarian Congress in 1985. Today it is used as the international trademark by various vegetarian and vegan associations around the world. The promise of the V-Label trademark has always been that of excellence and authority. In a market saturated with brands lacking the necessary experience in terms of product approval, they provide a guarantee of quality that simply oozes luxury at every stage of production. The V-Label trademark is indicated for all cosmetic and personal hygiene products. While it is mandatory for producers to list all ingredients on a product label, but difficult for consumers to know which ingredients are plant-based and vegan-approved. Seeing the V-Label is a quick, easy way of knowing just what hasn’t gone into a product and if it is truly vegan friendly. Working alongside some of the biggest raw materials, semi-finished and finished products producers, the team have gained a reputation as a market How do you know that what you’re buying is of the highest quality? Well, the first port of call for many is to check the certifications a product is recognized for. For vegan cosmetics, there is no qualification higher than that of V-Label. With the aim of demonstrating that a product is beyond reproach, their work has been exemplary. We take a look to see how they have been able to achieve such startling success. Mar21440 V Label Italia SRL Best Vegan Cosmetics Certification Specialists 2021 leader when it comes to vegetarian and vegan certification. The team’s work has received international acclaim, recognized in over seventy countries, spread over five continents. This includes all European countries, the USA, China and South Korea. Bringing about such high standards, and an assurance of luxury condition for those who gain this certification, has not been easy. The team’s specific uniformity of criteria has proven to be a boon, as it is the same across borders. The specifications used to issue V-Label were created and approved by major European Vegetarian Associations, and are constantly being updated to reflect current legislation and new production technologies, in both the food and cosmetic industry. To many looking for luxury products, the certification granted by an organization makes an enormous difference. To ensure that distribution is fair, quick and as straightforward as possible, the team have local territory managers who know the specifics of individual circumstances. Far from having a bureaucratic hub, V-Label thrives on its local knowledge and the way in which they can have a neighborly relationship with both producers and consumers. With such a strong network on hand, it’s easy to see how V-Label has become a name to be remembered within the industry. Part of the firm’s key to success is ensuring that the team is able to explore every aspect of a business’s operation. No self-declaration is accepted as they want to make sure that you apply those leading cosmetics, it’s a product that is safely and totally vegan in every way. The team conduct detailed documental checks as well as inspections on site to