Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 26 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Serving the region of Toronto with advanced waxing services that are raising the bar of ingenuity in its industry, Eco Beauty Med Spa has been making waves in its market segment. Its all-new waxing innovations has developed techniques that give clients a painless, effective, and pampering treatment, with specially developed hair removal that also includes an element of customization to its services. In this way, Med Spa has made itself a household name in its region’s beauty industry. Its deep-skin waxing solution is a service that carries with it the far less pain and a high level of comfort in the application, based on 300 case studies gathered from its satisfied clients. Hair reduction was also up by a substantial amount based on this research, to the tune of 30-40%, impressively. This has, evidently, earned it a significant amount of custom; and many of its customers spread the word about this salon through online reviews and word of mouth referrals that expand its reach quickly and effectively. It is grateful to each customer who helps it in this way. Med Spa’s promise to clients new and old is that they will find noticeable skin-deep improvements with its waxing treatments, experiencing healthier, rejuvenated, glowing skin. This is in line with its mission – to nourish the skin of its clientele, offering the height of comfort and safety with its services, allowing its market segment to wax with confidence and switch from traditional waxing techniques and shaving to something that promotes health and relaxation. Additionally, its mission is driven forward by its vision of an industry that recognizes and reacts to customer complaints. The painless waxing method was, after all, created by Eco Beauty Med Spa and its CEO/Founder Gloria Silva are elevating the waxing side of the beauty and aesthetic technology industry with their newest innovations. Striving to push the boundaries of what is possible to maximize customer safety, comfort, and satisfaction, they are committed to constant improvement across the board. Mar21400 Eco Beauty Med Spa Best Holistic Rejuvenation Retreat - GTA Gloria from listening to the concerns of customers about the discomfort inherent in waxing treatments and expressing that this puts them off. It wishes to be the pioneer that changes this; and hopes that with it leading by example adopting this technique, the rest of the industry will follow, after its research found that studies found that the previously held belief that there are 3 hair groups is wrong. This number has since been increased to 8, and so Med Spa wishes to reflect this updated knowledge in its techniques. Its method makes use of the three accessible descriptors of hair shape from curve diameter to curl index and number of waves, leading to a more client-focused and specific waxing service. Its technique responds specifically to each one of the vast and varying kinds of hair types it works with, and is also more reliable, as the customer can be sure Med Spa is has taken into account the individual differences that will decide whether a waxing session will produce the desired effects or not. First and foremost, its spa setting is a private oasis for its clientele. It wishes to be the luxury and aesthetics services retreat that allows a client to partake in pampering that boosts confidence, bucking the usual idiom of ‘beauty is pain’. The client’s comfort, safety, and satisfaction are all of the highest import to Med Spa and its staff; its pain preventative waxing negates the risk of inflammation, unsightly spots, bleeding, or scarring, and grants permanent hair reduction that increases with each session. Furthermore, the waxing method that Med Spa has developed is an exfoliant – this takes place during the waxing itself by way of removing the hair follicle and exterminating the build-up that