Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 27 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards clogs pores and causes acne amongst other issues. Its clients have lauded its work for the incredible value, as well as the effectiveness, and the long-lasting nature of it. Med Spa also promises to only use the most innovative techniques when it comes to serving its customers. Each product is, after all, a reflection of its reputation, and it sells only the products it is proud of house from its shop available through its online platform; it is also through this platform that customers make direct contact to make an appointment and find links to its various social medias. Currently, it has a gift card available through its online shop that would grants a customer $20 back for every $100 spent in the salon as a welcome back offer that it is excited to be able to open up to its customers. The services Med Spa offers also cover a wide range of other products and services, all contributing to a client’s health and beauty. One such treatment is the ‘Retreat’, a rejuvenation, anti-aging facial and aromatherapy treatment that helps to reinvigorate tired skin, giving a new lease of life to it. This boosts the skin’s inherent elasticity. Another service it offers is the organic purify back scrub and massage, which is a quicker and exfoliation focused service using products that contain vitamin and antioxidant rich blends. It eliminates toxins, unclogs pores, and leaves skin lustrous, smooth, and radiant, with a noticeable glow that clients carry with them afterwards. In terms of its waxing, it can offer a full-service solution that includes full legs, Brazilian, and armpit waxing, working with a client to address any problematic areas and give them a waxing experience that is just as enjoyable at the rest of the spa. Furthermore, it works with its best natural and organic products to do so. This pertains to its organic tea tree Aloe vera, or azulene wax, the latter being great for waxing large areas and both lending a luxurious feel in their own rights. This service can also be anywhere from 30 minutes long to 40 minutes long – during the 40-minute service specifically, it will apply one of its newest innovations alongside the ingenuity of the painless wax itself. Its Titanium Dioxide cream wax formula is perfect for sensitive skin and often used in bikini waxes for its gentle nature. In addition, using this in conjunction with the painless wax makes the delicate sensory nature of this formula come to the forefront of a client’s experience, allowing maximum comfort and resulting in a clean, fresh, healthy finish. The founder, Gloria Silva, is especially dedicated to ensuring that this is the case, having run and owned a successful holistic practice for 10 years. The spa therefore benefits from Gloria’s existing client base and the reliability their testimonials grant her. She has a distinctive passion for the beauty and wellness industry that is felt amongst her staff and is a driving force behind the business as a whole, alongside the backing of an honours qualification from the Canadian Beauty College. With Gloria’s ambition and the excellence of Med Spa, it is no wonder this business has been going from strength to strength; and will continue to do so into the future. Company: Eco Beauty Med Spa Contact: Gloria Silva Website: Gloria Silva, the CEO, and founder of Eco Beauty Medspa in Toronto had a vision. Five years ago she began developing, working & studying this innovative painless waxing technique with a clear goal in mind - to reduce the pain and to eliminate the invasive waxing procedure. She also focuses on preventing skin damage by offering this innovation to consumers worldwide so they can enjoy the highest level of comfort and an exceptional waxing experience. Gloria has 20 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner. Her passion for beauty encouraged her to go back to school and, in 2017, she graduated from the Canadian Beauty College, becoming a medical aesthetician. Her extended background as a businesswoman and entrepreneur has given her the confidence to expand her business and is now getting ready to open branches up in Florida and Silicon Valley, California.