Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 35 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards MINDiet develops a long- term healthy and sustainable lifestyle, beginning with mental preparation, followed by personalized nutrition and exercise. Resulting an average weekly fat burn of 1,2 kg, healthy lifestyle becomes the new normal, while related medical records become history. MINDiet Most Innovative Holistic Health Programme 2021 - Hungary Apr21455 In Hungary – one of the most obese countries in Europe right after Malta and UK, two out of three people are overweight, and by the age of 50, one in five, and at the age of 65, one in two are chronically ill. MINDiet works with clients who are advised or obliged by their doctors to change their lifestyles and it believes its support is essential in helping clients successfully develop a healthy lifestyle which is sustainable for the long-term. The result of MINDiet is measured in loss of excess fat and metabolic age reduction and is completely personalised to restore a healthy mental- physical balance that is right for the client. MINDiet was originally developed as a stress reduction program, but it turned out to be so powerful that clients started to become healthier and loose excess weight as a side effect. The first stage of the programme is to prepare the client’s psyche, and then reveal and mobilise their strengths to reach their objective. It is important to prepare the client mentally as the main reason for failure in developing a healthy lifestyle is that their psychological processes which trigger behaviour are not addressed. As Roland Kasek, the R&D director of MINDiet, often highlights at conferences, food is the most abused mood-enhancer and the reasons why people choose instant joy-generators are completely psychological. After mental preparation, MINDiet introduces a nutritional diet and appropriate exercise into the client’s daily routine. By continuously working together, a healthy lifestyle becomes natural to the client, and this only requires six to eight hours a week, with an average weekly fat loss of 1,2kgs and results showing in six to nine months. At MINDiet, all professionals focus on the area of expertise in which they are fully trained with the required qualifications and experience. The MINDiet offers a fast, targeted learning process in which a performance-psychologist assists in psychological aspects, while other areas of expertise support a healthy way of living as required. The client will be supported by diagnostics, the company’s experts (e.g. dietitian, gastroenterologist, personal trainer) to achieve their goal at the healthiest possible pace for their body. The most important benefit of the programme is that the client achieves their goal without any artificial intervention in the rhythm of their own mental and physical processes. It increases the freedom of their choices by developing their consciousness and enables them to make long-term, responsible decisions that will benefit them in other areas of their life as well. It is clear that the combination of the right amount of exercise and a quality diet, which is already effective, can be amplified by the MINDiet programme’s uniquely comprehensive and innovative approach. The company’s dietician experts will plan the client’s meals according to their individual needs, tastes, habits and health goals based upon up-to-date scientific evidence, and all the processes that are actively supporting the client to achieve their goals will be clearly explained to them. Additionally, clients can expect medical opinions thanks to MINDiet’s extensive network of contacts. As a successful business with a track record of creating healthy lifestyles, MINDiet is looking forward to launching its workshops online for individuals and small groups (four or eight people) this summer, with hopes of matching the success of its in-person sessions which are led by the company’s experts and cover topics such as stress management and lifestyle development. Company: MINDiet Contact: Roland Kasek Website: