Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 37 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards The cosmetics industry is immensely competitive, and only the finest providers of products are able to stand out from the crowd. GreenCharmCosmetics is one of those standout firms. With unique products that cannot be found anywhere else on the market, you’re certain to find an aspect of cosmetology that appeals to you. We take a closer look following their success in the LUXlife Health Beauty and Wellness Awards. Mar21163 Acne is a condition that affects many, and is often a challenge to tackle with regular solutions. For the team at GreenCharmCosmetics, it was a problem very close to the founder’s heart. She has struggled with oily and acne prone skin since a young age, trying many different solutions to no avail. It’s what led her to creating her own. The world of cosmetics is one that is constantly changing, but the success of GreenCharmCosmetics comes from the early decision to make products manually that employ the highest quality eco-friendly ingredients. Where many businesses are catching up with the needs of the public, this team have built their name on cosmetics that have always been a step ahead and going a step beyond. It’s a reputation that reaches around the world to customers who want something a little different from the norm. As a small family-run business, it’s easy to see how quality is key to how GreenCharmCosmetics works. The team put care and attention into every product and delivery, so that it does its job to the best possible level. Thanks to the tireless efforts of founder and manager, Anna Svergun, the store has built up a selection of beauty products including bags, purses and knitted accessories that exemplify what is available to the industry at large. While the cosmetics industry remains at the heart of GreenCharmCosmetics, it has not stopped the team from branching into other ventures related to items that match the high quality that clients have come to expect. With the global pandemic forcing businesses around the world to change how they operate, it’s little wonder that keeping an eye on such trends has become much more difficult. This has not held back the team at all, however, and they are focused on continuing to provide customers with natural beauty products that stun the competition. Of course, no business that aims as high as GreenCharmCosmetics does so without planning ambitiously for the future. The aim for this impressive store of beauty knowledge is to redesign the venue into different areas, based around unique and attractive quirks. By reorganising how products are laid out, the team hope to offer service that is even better than the superb offerings they currently have. Needless to say, when thinking of quality, it’s clear that GreenCharmCosmetics stands above the rest of the industry, thanks to the team’s determination to deliver products and service that is second to none. Throughout the strangest of times, they have ensured that their customers receive a truly luxurious service. Company: GreenCharmCosmetics Name: Anna Svergun Email: [email protected] GreenCharmCosmetics Best Acne Skincare Treatment Provider - Baltics