Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 38 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards In her Hartlepool home, Samantha Lewis has started one of the UK’s leading businesses when it comes to microblading and HIFU technology. With an enormous range of treatments on offer, her services have not only been in high demand, but set the standard for the beauty industry at large. When Samantha first entered the beauty industry nearly twenty years ago, she knew that she wanted to offer services that were a cut above the competition. Her ability is second-to-none in the aesthetics industry, and she is qualified to handle many non-surgical treatments such as SPMU, laser hair removal, no needle fillers, tattoo removal, carbon facial and inch loss treatments to name but a few. Her passion is for helping people, and those who come through Samantha’s door often do not feel like they are as beautiful as they want to be. The treatments that she offers gives them the confidence to walk into the outside world as though they own it. Her work is truly transformative. Everybody wants to feel comfortable in their own skin. That’s why Samantha’s work is in such high demand. While she has taken on an apprentice, Nicola, clients turn to her because they know that a select team will be handling their treatment. Samantha has a knack for building a strong bond that enables her to deliver treatments that dig down into the heart of any insecurities. As a result, clients become more like family and many have become close personal friends over the years. To many, the purest form of luxury is to be comfortable in one’s skin. When it comes to providing leading microblading services, Samantha Lewis is one of the top people in the industry. We take a look at her stunning array of amazing services to see just what she offers, and how it has been able to secure such an incredible result in the LUXlife Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021. Mar21155 Samantha Lewis Most Compassionate Microblading & HIFU Technology Provider (North East England): Samantha Lewis The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on every industry, and the beauty industry is no exception. Fortunately, the high standards that Samantha demands – and her clients expect – have meant that adapting to the new rigorous requirements has not been a challenge at all. Samantha has always used face masks for her treatments and hygiene and cleanliness have always been a priority. As Samantha’s clinic reaches new and exciting heights of quality and reputation, many would consider stepping back and relaxing. To Samantha, however, it is the perfect opportunity to continue growing and developing her already considerable skillset. The arrival of Nicola allows her the opportunity to attend university and study new techniques for the benefit of her clients. As 2021 rolls on, the need for a new professional member of staff will be paramount to the continued success of the business. Giving people confidence is a gift that not just money can buy. For those who attend Samantha Lewis and receive the superb treatments from the team there, it’s experience, friendliness and kindness that ensures they are always satisfied. Luxury comes in all sorts of form, but there’s nothing quite like being comfortable in one’s own skin. Company: Samantha Lewis Name: Samantha Lewis Email: s.lew[email protected] Web Address: