Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 46 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Stacy Allende opened Glamorize Me in 2016 after a decade of experience in her line of work as a licensed aesthetician. Having gained her credentials in 2005 and working as an independent contractor to serve her local region, she was the sole aesthetician on the team she was in, and was allowed full reign over how the business was run from the aesthetic services side of things. In this way, she was set in good stead when it came to starting Glamorize Me, as she already had all the practical knowledge and the proven excellence in her field to use as a springboard. It is no wonder therefore that Glamorize Me has done so well, allowing Stacy to remain a trusted provider of aesthetics excellence for her clientele. No longer limited in what products and services she could bring into the business as all is now run by her directly, Stacy expanded her own capabilities, bringing a bolstered array of treatments with her that has only grown since Glamorize Me’s opening. The name reflects the goal of the company; it wishes to ‘Glamorize’ every client, boosting confidence and operating with a playful and fun ethos. Its work is also perfectly safe and truly authentic, as Stacy only incorporates procedures she trusts and that will allow her to empower her client’s long term ‘femininity, elegance, appeal, and self-worth’. At its heart, Glamorize Me is therefore incredibly client focused. Its work is bolstered by the principles of reliability, loyalty, commercial soundness, consistency, honesty, compassion, optimism, respect, and education. This core has not changed since its inception years ago, and it seeks to embody them throughout every interaction with a client from the booking right through to the actual treatment and answering any questions, comments, or concerns. It stands Glamorize Me is a skincare studio with years of experience and a consistent commitment to being the best. Having made a name for itself with continually excellent client service and bringing only the best of any new techniques to its customers, the founder reflects on the driving forces behind her company’s growth. Mar21566 Glamourize Me Best Luxury Skincare Studio - Hawaii out in its field by recognizing that its clients lead busy lives, and that it must fit itself nimbly around the tasks and challenges they face daily. Therefore, it will always work in collaboration with a client to work out an appointment time that is best for them, always respecting its client’s time by keeping to the set schedule. Stacy is also always striving to learn new things. In such a dynamic and changeable industry, new breakthroughs, technologies, and techniques are being developed on a near-daily basis. Consequentially, in order to remain competitive, one must always have their finger on the pulse; this is something that Glamorize Me has a dedication to maintaining, forever enrolled in nearby classes or courses in order to update the knowledge base it is built upon. In tandem with this, Glamorize Me ensures that a professionally exemplary level of consistency is employed in her services. Stacy works hard to always be operating at the height of industry standards, and although new techniques are always being added and new trends come and go, a client can expect only the most trusted of these innovations being offered. This includes sugaring hair removal, a waxing alternative that was exclusive to Glamorize Me in its region. It has rejected trends that it does not see as the best solution for its clients, for example, choosing TrueBrow instead of microblading as a brow sculpting service that restores and designs brows without damaging them. Most recently, Glamorize Me began offering Microchanneling as a method of encouraging collagen restoration in skin. This functionally replaces the need for more intensive treatments such as microneedling; and is performed over stem cells to give the benefits of anti-aging, skin brightening, and scar reduction. Having used the temporary shutdown of Covid-19 to further research and study, Glamorize Me is excited to come back better than ever, and lastly, Stacy herself would like to thank each one of the loyal clients who have stuck with it throughout the challenge of the past year. Company: Glamourize Me Contact: Stacy Allende Website: