Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 47 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Inspired by creating peace and harmony through exemplary skincare for its customers, Africology is motivated by the founder’s dedication to staunchly ethical ingredients. Above all, it is a company truly deserving of the accolades awarded to it, and this exemplary work has earned it a large consumer base and significant industry renown. Africology Most Innovative Organic Skincare Brand 2021 - South Africa Mar21674 Africology is a company making waves in its industry and in its region for excellence in all-natural skincare. Working hard to maintain superbly high standards and raising the bar of quality across its industry, this business is led by the expert guiding hand of its CEO and founder Renchia Droganis. Nowadays, it is the leading spa brand in the region of South Africa, and it uses the motivation and drive of the founder to create an ethical, luxurious brand of spa treatment products that has set it on this path to success. The passion that sparked this was born from years of helping victims of past trauma along on their path to healing and self-actualization. Working with therapeutic and empowerment exercises over the course of treatment, Renchia would encourage her patients towards greater personal growth, often working with traditional healers and visiting rural towns and villages to do so. Throughout this period, she championed bringing calm, peace, and harmony where it was most needed, and this is something that she now channels through Africology. During one particular therapy session, she realized that her calling was to spread her passion for healing and reconciliation to a much wider audience, beginning to work on making her homemade creations of ethical and outstanding products suitable for a large market segment. These encompass everything from skincare and full-body treatments to fragrances, home spa goods, and lifestyle goods. Essentially, each product is a new translation of her message. In this way, not only are the products beautifully realized and well-made, they are consistently developed to show the love for a harmonious world that originally inspired them by Africology’s excellent team. This has been felt by the many direct consumers that buy Africology’s products and use them all around the world, as well as the multitude of hospitality suppliers that buy its products to offer their guests. From numerous hotels to over 350 five-star spas, Africology’s work is well-represented, and this presence is growing day by day. Something that has drastically furthered this expansion and Africology’s overall reputation is its distinctive scents. Once a customer uses its products for the first time, the gentle and sumptuous nature of it is distinctive enough to be instantly picked out from a crowd when they next encounter it. This has earned them many new customers, and ensured they retain those customers too, creating a thriving loyal consumer base. Today, this is truer than ever, with all four of Renchia’s children providing a helping hand to create and inspire natural, eco-friendly, and gentle skincare lines. This has made for the development of well over 10 tons of products – and the successful sale of every single one. In addition, a further source of inspiration for Renchia was the soil of Africa itself; after years of gardening and cultivating her own plants, it all started with lavender and the hope of one day setting up an oil distillery. The charm and heady fragrance of the lavender inspired the planting of roses for perfume making, and Renchia’s ideas began to expand and develop from there. Her cosmetics, therefore, are an extension of this, making Africology’s products similarly well cultivated and all of them being completely ethical and totally cruelty free. Africology is staunchly against animal testing, using dermatological testing protocols and sensitive natural ingredients only that are soured from organic and local sources. Presently, it is honoured to be able to say it is an integral part of many client’s daily skincare routines, and hopes that this will be true of many more clients in the future, dedicated to continually growing and developing in order to make it so. Company: Africology Contact: Eliana Haniff Website: