Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 51 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Founded by an all-female team of entrepreneurial industry experts, Aesthetics Lab is an award-winning cosmetic clinic built on client- centricity. We find out more about the company as it revels in its latest success at the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021. Aesthetics Lab Best Luxury Medispa - London Apr21602 Situated in Primrose Hill, London, Aesthetics Lab is a multi-award-winning cosmetic clinic that delivers superior standards in treatments for skin and body. Founded by a dynamic, all-female team – Marsha, Tania, and Kristina – who each brought extensive knowledge and experience within the aesthetics industry and outside of it to the establishment of Aesthetics Lab in 2015, the five-star Medispa was created to guide clients on a journey to feeling beautiful through confidence, enlightenment, and true self-awareness. Marsha, Tania, Kristina and their team know that waking up and feeling beautiful every day is by no means a guarantee and is not achieved through any quick fix. This is where Aesthetics Lab seeks to be a valued and trusted partner to its clients. Respecting the individuality of beauty, the clinic balances inner wellbeing with outer confidence to deliver treatments that are right for each client. Building relationships is therefore a key part of the Aesthetics Lab process; the team takes the time to get to know their clients and their unique needs, so that they in turn can get to know themselves. Once the Aesthetics Lab team is well- acquainted with their clients and their various needs, it can offer an extensive selection of superior, and well-tested cosmeceutical products and treatments. Providing solutions for a range of skin and body conditions that include aging, acne, pigmentation, scarring, loose skin and fat reduction, Aesthetics Lab – or ‘Complexion Heaven’, as it is known to its loyal clients – strives to deliver visible, long-lasting results in a spa environment for relaxing and unwinding. Aesthetic Lab’s bespoke treatment plans are delivered by a team of highly trained and experienced staff who use FDA approved and CE marked products and equipment. The clinic takes pride in its array of innovative technology that is tested and verified to ensure it delivers optimum results with safety and comfort that fulfil the needs of clients. Meanwhile, the team is handpicked from the best medical experts and aesthetic practitioners in the country, bringing with them passion and experience for their industry which translates into qualified, cutting-edge care as part of a superior and conscientious customer experience. The result is a passionate team that delights in working together to deliver confidence and beauty inside and out to its beloved clientele. Like so many businesses across so many industries, Aesthetics Lab was forced to close its doors for several months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the team adjusted quickly, evolving its offering to enable continued business activity through online mediums instead. As such, Aesthetics Lab sold its selection of skincare products through its online shop, while maintaining contact and superb service for new and old clients alike through its virtual consultations. This commitment to customer care throughout the pandemic is representative of the client- centric approach to cosmetic treatments taken by Aesthetic Lab since day one. It is attributes such as these that have earnt Marsha, Tania, Kristina and their whole team multiple awards, including their most recent at the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021 for Best Luxury Medispa 2021. With continued devotion to innovation and guiding clients on a journey to their best, most beautiful selves, the road ahead looks set for many more successes yet to come for Aesthetics Lab. Contact: Tania Zahoor Rashid Company: Aesthetics Lab Web Address: