Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 52 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards When you’re feeling under the weather, a medical surgery is the last place that anyone wants to be. The team at the Taymount Clinic know that the easiest way to get great results is with an approach that embraces a bit of TLC, reassurance and kindness. What sets them apart as a luxury provider is not just their ability to reach in the future of science, but the friendly staff who set you at ease from the first moment you walk through the clinic’s doors. Taymount Clinic is a leading provider of gut flora restoration, but this is just a small part of what the team offers its clients. To many, they are a leading light when it comes to giving a holistic medical perspective on the world. The team is fully committed to expanding the way in which healthcare and medicine is done, putting the biology back into the industry. One of the key ways in which they have achieved this is through their work with faecal microbiota transplants. The gut microbiome is one of the major parts of the way in which the body works, and the team at Taymount Clinic have set the standard for the level of care they provide in this area. Their work is worldbeating, and has achieved astonishing results for the last ten years, with over 42,000 implants completed to date. To reflect the strong commitment to providing the perfect service for clients, the team has championed a trendsetting quarantine process for implants that is now being rolled out across the industry. The way we eat food has an enormous impact on our health, and finding the right solution can be a gamechanger to quality of life. The team at Taymount Clinic are pioneers in this regard, putting a new spin on biology for those who want a solution that works for them. We take a look at how their innovations have brought about astonishing luxury treatment for all following their success in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards. Mar21279 Taymount Clinic Ltd Best Digestive Health & Microbiology Clinic - East of England As a clinic, the team is made of people who are empathetic, warm and kind above all else. Skills can be taught and training can be given, but these qualifications are at the heart of how a person works and the key to the incredible service that on offer at Taymount Clinic. As people have come to regard their health as a higher priority over the last year, the bookings demonstrate that what clients need is a friendly face who is able to support the development of a healthy immune system. The rise in interest came during the first lockdown, and as restrictions ease, the team at Taymount Clinic are exploring ways of ensuring that their service continues to be of the highest quality as well as being as safe as possible. The use of lateral flow tests, for example, started before they were available to the general public allowing us to test everyone, staff and clients, providing a safe bubble connecting the client accommodation with the clinic. The opportunities presented by the team at Taymount Clinic are incredible, and as the firm has recently become a CQC regulated medical clinic, with MHRA regulatory approval, they are working with specialist consultants and professors to raise awareness among all medical professionals that this clinic and treatment is available. Looking ahead, the team are hoping to offer further specialist programs that will revolutionise stagnant fields such as colonics. The approach championed by the team at Taymount Clinic is one which doesn’t just treat symptoms a client has. While the team specialise in FMT, they educate and empower their clients. This is why people keep coming through the doors, because they know that success is something you can literally feel in your gut. Company: Taymount Clinic Ltd Name: Enid Taylor Email: [email protected]