Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 56 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Each of Glamourliving’s acrylic storage units are specially designed and meticulously handcrafted with the finest optimal clarity acrylic Lucite. The glues used are made to ensure there are no strong chemical odours and to provide a high transparency finish. Since establishing its Glamourcube® collection, Glamourliving has expanded and is proud to now also be working in partnership with Osco to provide a range of high-end and affordable products to meet any budget. Osco offer thick, high grade acrylics and plastics, and share Glamourliving’s appreciation for minimalist simplicity and crystal-clear quality. Having featured in popular publications such as Vogue as the bestselling make- up organisers, Glamourliving has gained popularity and recognition amongst celebrities and thousands of women around the world. Its products have been seen on the dressers of some of the most fashionable celebrities in the business, including Katie Piper, Vogue Williams, Amy Childs and Colleen Rooney. Effective storage is the make-up enthusiast’s best friend. It’s time to throw away your old Founded in 2013, Glamourliving set out to create innovative and easy-to-use make-up storage products. This began with its Glamourcube® Original, the first of its luxury organisers with four drawers and a tall top compartment, which became the blueprint for its later designs. Since then, it has established itself as a provider of comprehensive solutions to make-up organisation, with a focus on clean straight lines, minimal fuss, and a contemporary yet elegant style. Mar21314 Glamourliving Best Acrylic Make-Up Storage Product Brand 2021 – Yorkshire make-up bag in favour of acrylic make-up storage. See, your make-up bag could be doing more harm than good; many make-up bags are water absorbent and the fabric lining can absorb moisture, causing bacteria growth, therefore affecting the products and brushes that are inside it. Not only this, but it’s the ideal space to accumulate crumbs, fluff and various unidentifiable bits of dirt which could be massaged into your skin upon your next make-up application, leading to potential breakouts. Cleanliness is a key benefit of owning a make-up storage box. They are easy to wipe clean using just soap and water, and the rigidity and dedicated sections for different products can prevent and/or minimise any spillages, so optimum cleanliness will be ensured and your make-up collection can be displayed with pride. Make-up storage boxes also make life easier. As the organisers are transparent, you can see the contents from all angles and locate products with ease, saving time and unnecessary stress in your daily routine. This is further aided by individual compartments, so each type of product and brush can have its own dedicated home that is easy to reach. Additionally, Glamourliving’s acrylic storage units help to save money. They boast a light transmission of 92%, meaning you can easily see what products you have and reduce the chance of losing them. Furthermore, by investing in a good quality organiser, the long lifespan of acrylic means you won’t need to buy replacements as you may do with make- up bags. Finally, the storage units can accommodate your room’s needs. Whether you’re restricted in terms of desk space and need something with height like the Glamourcube® Tall, or something shorter and wider like the lash storage case or compact unit, check out Glamourliving’s full product range on their website to find your perfect storage solution. Company: Glamourliving Contact: Shameen Khan Website: VogueWilliams said, “I don’t think I have enjoyed sorting my make-up out as I have today! This Glamourbox is a lifesaver, everything is so neat. I love it!”