Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 57 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards A beautifully diverse and wholly inclusive beauty brand based between London and Dubai, serving a worldwide market, CTZN cosmetics is challenging the harmful norms of its industry. Leading from the front to bolster representation across the board, its products have become a favourite of make- up users internationally. CTZN Cosmetics Most Inclusive Cosmetic Skincare Brand - UK Mar21474 CTZN is a company elevating the standards of the cosmetics industry, in terms of quality and diversity both. A cosmetics brand that defines itself as ‘new age’ and that was founded by sisters Aleena, Aleezeh, and Naseeha Khan, CTZN was created with the desire of wanting to see more skin tones represented in the makeup industry. The Khan sisters grew up with a passion for makeup and a growing urge to buck the prevailing standard of beauty retail not catering to them at all, something that goes beyond the modelling campaigns and is clear right down to the formulas themselves. After this, they soon found out they weren’t alone in their grievances; the people of colour close to them all spoke to the same issues. They then looked further afield, to see who else was being left out of makeup, finding that gender was also an issue. Too often, makeup is pigeonholed as something for women only, and the male and gender non-conforming consumers are left out. The sisters resolved to change all of this. The mission was clear: create a truly inclusive makeup brand – and since its founding, it has truly become exactly that. An all-inclusive, cruelty-free, genderless, and vegan makeup brand, that caters to a massive spectrum of skin tones with pride and excellence. Above all else, the Khan sisters have crafted CTZN with care and rigour to be a brand where anyone who wishes to wear makeup is seen, considered, and provided for, creating a citizenship – or CTZNship – of people who can wear makeup with confidence. In this way, CTZN strives to be sincere, absolute, and supportive, and is forever working to better and develop itself. Currently, it houses the world’s most inclusive nude lip formula, the Nudiversal Lip Duo collection, which can come in any of 25 different shades. Unique in its dual function application, one side is lipstick, and the other is a gloss in the same shade to give lips that extra dimension. A customer can use its ‘get matched’ tool online to match their skin tone to their perfect shade if they are unsure which one would fit best for them, and is a quick and easy feature to use through its online platform. The CTZN experience is a bespoke, tailorable, and empowering one, running through a few questions that will help CTZN get their nude shade exactly right. Furthermore, it is serious about customer service. CTZN will always respond quickly and in a friendly manner to messages through Instagram or Email, ready to help a client with any questions, comments, or concerns. Its team can also match a customer’s skin tone this way, being able to match them with their perfect shade if the client sends across a no- makeup selfie. Its team is a diverse one right through to the advisory board, ensuring that it is always be sensitive and intersectional in its work. During the pandemic, CTZN saw a huge rise in self-care being a priority for many of its customers, with many in the beauty industry market leaning more towards skincare. CTZN pivoted quickly and elegantly in stepping up to the mark, releasing its hand sanitizer that can be used on hands, fabrics, and even lipsticks! Whilst this is currently only available in the USA, it hopes that it will have it available globally soon. Going forward, it is excited to be able to release its fully vegan eye-focused innovations, and will be continuing with its ‘Cultutorials’, blog segments where customers do their makeup and talk about their own unique cultures. It wishes to thank every participant to this programme, and is looking forward to learning about many more cultures in the future. Company: CTZN Cosmetics Contact: Aleezeh Khan Website: