Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 63 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards The way in which our hair is styled, how it looks and what it represents, is an enormous part of people’s self image. It’s an easy way of showcasing to others how we feel and what we’re thinking. When it comes to getting that look just right, everyone deserves treatment that goes above and beyond, even – perhaps especially – children. We look at the team from Loxley Barbers to see how they have achieved new heights of success in the LUXlife Health Beauty and Wellness Awards. Loxley Barbers Children’s Hair Dressers of the Year - Cambridgeshire Mar21631 In March 2009, Lisa Aldridge opened up Loxley Barbers. It had always been her dream to open a business of her very own and when it did open, it quickly grew into an enormous success. At the heart of her delightful barber shop was a commitment to delivering the best possible service to clients, covering their every needs in terms of hair in one place. The world of barbershops is one that is timeless, bringing with it a long and proud history and heritage of excellence. Standing out in this field is not always easy, but to Lisa and her incredible crew, they have made it their mission in life. Through a passion for ensuring that their customers have the shaves and haircuts they deserve, they have been able to achieve the remarkable. At the heart of this barber’s is an amazing team, all of whom are committed to providing the ultimate in service to their customers. All have learned their trade at Loxley Barbers, which means that they can all offer the same loving treatment to everyone who walks through the doors. The team are not just brought in, they are carefully trained to the highest standards possible. One of the aspects that sets Loxley Barbers apart is a commitment to continually raising these standards. Every member of the team looks towards developing their skills, whether that is through the medium of apprenticeships, practical in-house learning or college qualifications. The environment for the team is one that is always supportive, and this has ensured that they have been able to reach out to new people with ease. As the business has grown in size and reputation, it’s easy to see how others have come to rely on their work. The team work closely with the Helping Hands Group, who do exceptionally good work with children and adults with additional needs. The role that the team at Loxley Barbers play is vital to their continued success, and the team are delighted that their work in this regard has been recognised. Working with adults and children who have additional needs is not always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. The nature of the barbers, being small, friendly and focused on the needs of the individual. As the firm continues to achieve excellent results, it’s easy to see that others might profit from their stunning intentions and attention to detail. As such, the ultimate goal is the establishment of the Loxley Barbers Training Academy where all can come and learn like the staff of Loxley Barbers today. Their success is something to be celebrated now, and long into the future. Company: Loxley Barbers Name: Lisa Aldridge Email: [email protected]