Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 66 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Juneva Health is an alternative medicine company seeking to help its clients through the use of non-invasive and holistic therapy modalities. It wishes to encourage optimal health throughout the body, mind and spirit, using ‘bioenergetic’ alternative methods. Fundamentally, Juneva Health works through the provision of personalized therapy sessions that are one-on-one, personal, and empathic, allowing the client to gain a better understanding of themselves, find out what’s impacting their energy levels, and gain deeper insight into their holographic self by using bioenergetic scanning technology. During the pandemic, this new technology, which can be used with clients from anywhere across the internet, has of course been beneficial for Juneva Health, allowing it to continue to operate despite the lockdowns. With telehealth being such a vastly growing industry, the sector is seeing far more companies pivoting towards it than ever before, and most general practice surgeries can still be reached through remote means such as by phone or online platform, having funnelled significant investment into these resources. Juneva Health is one of the latter companies that have joined in on this pivot, working with its clients to promote good overall health. An alternative health solution that can provide a boost in overall health and wellbeing for clients, Juneva Health wishes to introduce a completely new, holistic and bioenergetic health care approach to its clients. Using methodologies based on 21st century science, technology and quantum physics and over 30 years of research from NES Health and others, it seeks to prioritize a personal care method that works alongside the treatment being administered by a patient’s primary care physician and focuses on helping the body return to optimum function and health, in the most natural and safe way. Apr21578 Juneva Health Best Bioenergetic Health Company 2021 Furthermore, the holistic nature of Juneva Health allows it an empathic and sensitive outlook on its field; with the use of the NES BioEnergetiX WellNES system, Juneva Health can now accurately read the human body-field and tune it to engage the body’s self-healing ability so that the body can more easily return to optimum function and health, in the most natural and safe way - often far beyond what we typically experience with our chronically compromised bodies. This in the broad sense means getting an overview of the client’s physiological and psychological state through in-depth analysis by looking at the physics underlying the biochemical nature of the body. Overall, Juneva Health seeks to ‘get in touch’ with a client’s healing process. By working with a client one-on-one, Juneva Health has developed a way of making an intrapersonal connection with them. This means that a client can benefit from an easy-to-use service that gives them access to alternative medicine options, from the comfort of their own home. In tandem with this, it employs a supportive and dedicated attitude to customer service that its staff try and put across in every interaction – each person who comes to Juneva Health it strives to make feel heard. In such a busy and stressful world, it can be hard to find time for oneself. Juneva Health seeks to give its clients a space for that to prevail within, bringing the focus down to the client and their issues to promote a healthier lifestyle. Whilst it is excited to bring this fresh approach to holistic, natural healing to the world, it also hastens to add that Juneva Health’s methods can be used in conjunction with any current medications and treatments that a client may be on. ‘You should always consult with your primary care physician about monitoring and changing your prescription medications as well as to address serious health concerns you may have’, it’s FAQ says, and encourages its customers to use Juneva Health as the system that gives them a relaxing care option alongside those treatments. To Juneva Health, a client’s health and wellbeing is their utmost concern, seeking to lead people on a journey to enhanced confident and a better lifestyle. Company: Juneva Health Contact: Dr Wolfgang Scheinhart Website: