Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 Page 71 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards Based in London, Waxing Specialist is renowned for being the go-to salon for all your hair removal needs! We speak to Founder, Marta Zaczkowska, about her passion for waxing and the services she offers following receiving the award for Best Pregnancy Waxing Specialists – London. Waxing Specialist Ltd Waxing Lyrical! Mar21167 As waxing experts, Waxing Specialist prides itself on being one of the best in the business and specialises in every type of hair, skin, and body shape. “We absolutely love it!” enthuses owner Marta Zaczkowska, who is an international waxing expert and educator. “I opened the salon in 2012 because of my true passion for waxing, as well as my extensive experience and dedication.” Marta’s enthusiasm for her career has clearly rubbed off on her employees and she actively seeks to recruit people to the team who are as excited about waxing as she is. “We hire people with passion, skills and a great attitude,” she states. “We talk waxing! We respect clients’ time and understand what it means for them to have no hair left behind!” Marta provides extended in-house training at the salon, as well as additional courses chosen to meet the individual needs of team members. Everyone who works at Waxing Specialist is trained to perfection and introduced to Marta’s ‘top secrets’ in mastering the art of waxing. She also encourages staff members to take part in Beauty Awards, not only for the salon’s reputation but also to boost their career and skills. Waxing Specialist uses premium brand, Lycon, as its wax of choice for hair removal as it contains only the finest resins, natural ingredients and beautiful-smelling aromatherapy oils. Lycon delivers superior performance and can remove even stubborn hair as short as 1mm. As well as offering waxing of all kinds for all people, the salon is also renowned for intimate pregnancy and post pregnancy waxing, ensuring that all services are safe and comfortable for the mother-to-be. The salon has even received a seal of approval for its pregnancy waxing services from Nappy Valley Net, an online platform for South London Mums. “We perform pregnancy waxing from 12 weeks and up to 38 weeks of pregnancy,” explains Marta. “Our customer feedback is what really reflects our everyday effort to provide the best possible service.” Despite the Covid-19 pandemic effectively shutting down the beauty industry, Marta and her team at Waxing Specialist were already prepared for the most part. “We had been operating an online only booking system for several years now, so in that aspect we didn’t have to change much as our business model was already set up for this,” she says. “We also have the highest hygiene standards in place already, so we only had to add extra PPE to further protect ourselves and our customers.” During the darkest months of lockdown, Marta did not rest on her laurels. Instead, along with 21 other top salon owners, she launched a book entitled “Beauty and the Best” to inspire aspiring beauty professionals. The book showcases the exciting opportunities available to those who work in the beauty industry. Marta also found herself becoming a finalist of the BABTAC Inspiring Beauty Awards for supporting people during the industry’s most challenging times. However, Marta tells us that the hardest part of lockdown was not seeing her beloved clients, and she is now excited to be back up and running on full throttle once again! “After the hardest year ever and being closed more than we have been open, we absolutely love treating clients and we cannot wait to see them all again!” Regarding the future, it seems that growth is on the horizon as Waxing Specialist Academy is growing at a steady rate, with the latest online programme “Business Management for Waxing Services” endorsed by The Confederation of International Beauty and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) being a great success. Marta and her team are already looking forward to welcoming more students onto the programme as the world opens up once again and a ‘new normal’ resumes. Contact: Marta Zaczkowska Company: Waxing Specialist Ltd Web Address: