Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021

Page 74 LUX 2021 Health Beauty and Wellness Awards When it comes to grooming, men and women have very different needs and expectations. Understanding what these differences are, and tailoring them to suit, is the job of the Gorilla Warfare team. Gone are the pink walls and glittering lights of the traditional beauty salon, replaced with a discrete space where men can feel comfortable. While the walls may be calm and neutral, the services on offer are anything but. Behind the doors of Gorilla Warfare, is an approach to male grooming that is second to none. The team naturally offer the full range of male grooming treatments including facials, manicures and pedicures, brow treatments and holistics, but the pièce de resistance is their incredible men’s waxing facilities. The team cover all areas of the body, from the back and chest through to more intimate full body waxes. A wide range of people from all walks of life come through the team’s doors, and all are welcomed warmly. The Hertfordshire-based salon has become a haven for LGBTQ+ clients, and the place to be for those who need hair removal for their job or sport, such as dancers, cyclists and triathletes. Often, these clients demand a little extra care in their service and the team are happy to work around their intensive schedules, making appearances on location and at sports grounds. The war on hair is not one which is limited to women, and by focusing on male grooming, Male grooming is often overlooked when it comes to health, beauty and wellness, but the team at Gorilla Warfare Male Grooming have taken the time to understand what men want, and how to make them feel welcome. We take a look at the secrets behind this firm’s incredible success and what steps they have taken to put a shine on an oft- ignored aspect of the industry, following their success in LUXlife’s Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021. Mar21651 Gorilla Warfare Male Grooming Best Professional Male Grooming Studio - UK the Gorilla Warfare team are able to target the specific needs of men. They obsess over the finer points of hair removal and have a deep understanding of how to deliver the most thorough and comfortable wax. For many, a wax is a new and uncomfortable experience, so the team work tirelessly to put their clients at ease, offering an inclusive and non- judgemental space to be. The meaning of luxury is different for different people, and by focusing on what men want, the team have been able to create an experience that ensures they can access the same high-quality beauty standards as women. The team have found that men generally like to keep their grooming habits simple and private, so have taken steps to ensure that this is always the case. Appointments are carefully spaced so that there is no crossover on the way in or out and the team were one of the first in the country to offer 24-hour easy online booking. Every measure has been taken to streamline the Gorilla Warfare experience and make it as fuss-free as possible. Looking ahead, the team are exploring the increased demand for solutions-based facials and lash and brow treatments, as well as the rising interest in men’s make-up. What is clear is that they will continue to provide what is asked of them. What has become clear is that the male grooming sector is one that is growing at a terrific rate, with the post-COVID period likely to unleash enormous demand for beauty and grooming services. The work of Gorilla Warfare has thrived in the last few years thanks to their detailed knowledge of what men want. It’s what guarantees an experience that is second to none at their salon. Company: Gorilla Warfare Male Grooming Name: Sarah Panter Email: [email protected] Web Address: