Holiday 2022

Holiday 2022 Tourism is one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic, and it’s changed the way we will see the world of travel forever. Between lockdowns isolating people and travel restrictions limiting where they can travel to, keen travellers are now longing to get back out there and make up for lost time. The requirements of the ultra-wealthy traveller have now pivoted, too, with them prioritising privacy, safety, and reliability over cost. We take a look at how the travel industry has changed as a result of the pandemic, and this year’s travel trends that have stemmed from it, from hiring a private island to adventuring in the jungle of Bali. Post-Pandemic Luxury Trav l

Sofi Bajor, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Editor’s Letter Holiday 2022 Hello and welcome to the Holiday 2022 issue of LUXlife! This issue is here to bring you a selection of businesses making waves in their sectors. Luxurious, extravagant, rich, and exquisite, these businesses – and their products – have completely changed lives. 2022 has seen much expansion and the rebuilding of the luxury industry. This can be anything from restaurants to travel, resorts to weddings, flowers to jewellery, and much more. We see businesses picking themselves up and dusting themselves off. Bathing in the glorious sunshine on elegant beaches, experiencing delicious soul-feeding food and drink, and feeling truly pampered by many different companies across a plethora of sectors. Indulgence has never been more attainable and inspiring. Recovering from a turbulent time, so many businesses are finding ways to blossom. And much like the blossom tree, their petals spread with a gust of wind – the wind being their passion propelling them forward and their petals being their ideas that have spread far and wide. Their stunning butterfly effects have left a whole range of people feeling satisfied and truly dazzled. Spring is in full bloom and we are loving the beautiful weather, good feelings, and sumptuous scents. We look forward to summer and – more importantly – we look forward to seeing you again for the next issue. Best Luxury Vacation Rentals Distribution Platform 2022

Contents 4. News 6. Best Organic Baby Sleepsuit Brand 2021 - UK AdoraCub 7. Best Luxury Spa Treatments - San Francisco Qua – The Spa at Soma Grand 8. Luxury in Every Detail Athina Luxury Suites 9. Best Luxury Vacation Rentals Distribution Platform 2022 Villaway 10. Celebrating the Artistry of Interior Design Vera Sant Fournier 12. Connection With Culture Porta Raiana 13. DMC Of The Year 2022 - Thailand Trunk Travel 14. A Jewel in the Crown of the Hospitality Industry Memories Jibacoa Resort 15. Leading Experts in Wedding Floral Arrangements - Colorado Acscents Floral 16. Post-Pandemic Luxury Travel Rebecca Scotland 18. Changing the World, One Step At a Time Grinvald Footwear 19. Winner's Listing Contents 7. 10. 13. 12.

The Most Instagrammable Beaches in Europe Research conducted by the luxury travel company The Thinking Traveller revealed that iconic British landmark Durdle Door Beach in Dorset as the second most Instagrammable beach in Europe. It features a natural limestone arch, which has origins dating back more than 10,000 years, and has received an impressive 265,276 posts on Instagram. The extraordinary white pebble beach, Étretat in Normandy, France was named the most Instagrammable beach in Europe, generating an immense 406,321 posts. La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia, Italy earned third place. This serene white sand shoreline with crystal clear blue water was captured in 109,135 posts on Instagram. Rounding out the top five most Instagrammable beaches are the Italian Torre Lapillo Beach in Puglia with 95,083 posts and the ever-popular Navagio Beach (also known as Shipwreck Beach) in Zakynthos, Greece with 80,824 posts. Below is the full list of the 15 most Instagrammed beached in Europe: 1. Étretat Beach - Normandy, France - Number of posts: 406,321 - Hashtag: #etretat 2. Durdle Door Beach - Dorset, UK - Number of posts: 265,276 - Hashtag: #durdledoor 3. La Pelosa Beach - Sardinia, Italy - Number of posts: 109,135 - Hashtag: #lapelosa 4. Torre Lapillo - Puglia, Italy - Number of posts: 95,083 - Hashtag: #torrelapillo 5. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) - Zakynthos, Greece - Number of posts: 80,824 - Hashtag: #navagiobeach 6. Cala Luna - Sardinia, Italy - Number of posts: 75,012 - Hashtag: #calaluna 7. Punta Prosciutto - Salento, Italy - Number of posts: 74,102 - Hashtag: #puntaprosciutto 8. La Concha Beach - San Sebastián, Spain - Number of posts: 72,114 - Hashtag: #playadelaconcha 9. Playa de Muro Beach - Mallorca, Spain - Number of posts: 70,831 - Hashtag: #playademuro 10. Porto Katsiki Beach - Lefkada, Greece - Number of posts: 55,496 - Hashtag: #portokatsiki 11. Kynance Cove - Cornwall, UK - Number of posts: 55,015 - Hashtag: #kynancecove 12. Myrtos Beach - Kefalonia, Greece - Number of posts: 52,465 - Hashtag: #myrtosbeach 13. Cala Goloritzé - Sardinia, Italy - Number of posts: 47,742 - Hashtag: #calagoloritz 14. Playa de Alcúdia - Mallorca, Spain - Number of posts: 44,042 - Hashtag: #alcudiabeach 15. Torre Guaceto Beach - Brindisi, Italy - Number of posts: 43,143 - Hashtag: #torreguaceto The study also features a list of the top 15 most Instagrammable beaches in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. Antoine Levy, Sales and Marketing Director at The Thinking Traveller, said: ‘‘It is no secret that Instagram has massively changed the way we travel. It has become a deciding factor for many travellers when it comes to where and how to go on holiday. As the European beach holiday season is fast approaching, we wanted to create a resource that will act as a travel inspiration for the best European beach destinations.’’

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 5 HAIR CARE DO’S & DON’T EVERYONE NEEDSTO KNOW by Mariano Ruiz, Hairdresser & Founder of SheWolf Haircare There are a few major haircare mistakes that we often overlook and are unaware of, which may be causing you more stress than necessary. We live in an age of selfexpression, and your hair is your crowning glory, so don't get caught up in the minor blunders that we all make. Mariano Ruiz, Hairdresser and Founder of SheWolf Haircare, is here to help you navigate the path to happy hair, and he has shared some of his tips with you. Mariano who is essentially a one-man show, is full of positivity, fun, and sincerity, which pervades the entire SheWolf Haircare collection. Mariano has been a hairstylist for over 25 years. That's a lot of hair advice he's gleaned over the years! SECTION LIKE A PRO Start sectioning the hair from the top front, then the sides, and work your way down. Depending on how full your hair is, you should aim for 5-8 sections. Go as wide as your hair brush, as this will allow you to brush the hair through without getting tangled up with the other sections. SCRUNCH & GO When towel-drying your hair, you should not simply shuffle your hair in the towel because this will agitate your hair cuticles. Rubbing your hair in the towel will create frizz. Simply wrap your hair in the towel and press the hair working downwards to remove the excess water. Remember tame your hair, not the fun! I'VE GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT OIL AIN'T ONE When applying the hair oil, make sure that the product is evenly distributed in your hands. Begin at the mid-lengths and work your way down to the ends. Use what’s left and to slightly tame the flyaways. Proceed with a light-touch as if your hair was unicorn hair, you don't want to press too hard – be gentle! CUT THROUGH THE GREASE & DON’T WASTE PRODUCT The first shampoo will always produce less lather. The best way to activate the shampoo is to add a small amount of water, which will cut through the grease. It's a common mistake to add more shampoo to make it last longer, but you'll waste product. Take care of the pumps, and the pounds will take care of themselves. HOWL WITH HAIRSPRAY If you're going to use hair rollers, spray each strand of hair before putting it in the roller. This will ensure that the product is evenly distributed, giving you a much better hold and finish. You can spray your hair after all of the rollers are in place if you want, but don't overdo it or you'll end up with crispy hair – not a good look, my little SheWolf. I'm a big fan of the 1980s, so if you want to add some OOMPH to your blow-dry, flip your hair upside down and spritz it with hair spray. You can easily accomplish this by tipping your head forward. Remember to howl on your way back - own that hair!

6 Sep21503 Best Organic Baby Sleepsuit Brand 2021 - UK AdoraCub’s award-winning soft and sustainable two-way zip sleepsuits are made from organic cotton and bamboo, thoughtfully created with your little one’s comfort and safety as the top priority. Each sleepsuit maximises comfort and avoids harmful chemicals and dyes, making them incredibly kind to the skin. The AdoraCub story began with two first-time parents and their vision to create a collection of baby sleepsuits which are not only soft, kind to the skin and comfortable, but also sustainable and easy to use. They both had babies who suffered with eczema, so the need for clothing that was free from chemicals was a must. The parents also experienced many nights of trying to fasten the poppers on their babies’ sleepsuits, either missing some of them entirely or spending so long with bright phone torches shining that they might as well have put the kettle on and started off their days! They found that searching for pretty, comfortable, non-toxic, and sustainable clothing was either very expensive or it wasn’t clear as to how organic and sustainable it actually was. They noticed that many products were labelled differently; while some referred to products as being sourced sustainably, some said they were made with organic cotton, and others just said they were organic. Some were referring to the fabric itself, but not the trims, zippers, and buttons, and some didn’t address the chemical, social, or environmental aspects of production. The duo was able to crack this world of confusion, with only the best for little ones and the planet in mind. The search began for soft, sustainable, non-toxic, organically-made material from an ethical and responsible manufacturer – and almost two years and a lot of love and passion later, they launched AdoraCub. AdoraCub’s aim is to offer long-lasting, high-quality sleepsuits that are truly organic at an affordable price. Each sleepsuit is made from 47.5% organic cotton, 47.5% bamboo and 5% elastane (which helps to ensure the sleepsuit stretches back to shape again and again). This combination results in a soft, thermogenic fabric which is gentle on sensitive skin, enabling all babies to rest and sleep in the softest, most comfortable sleepsuits. This helps the skin breathe whilst keeping the baby warm and cosy, helping those who suffer from rashes or eczema. Alongside your little one’s comfort, AdoraCub takes climate change extremely seriously and focuses on having a low environmental impact. The company is constantly looking at its use of sustainable materials, reducing waste where it can and trying to work as efficiently as possible. On the customer service side of things, AdoraCub strives to provide top-notch support, whether you would like to know more about a product, have an issue with an order, or have any other question, request or concern. The company’s opening hours are weekdays, 9am-5pm, during which time, it aims to respond to enquiries within 24 hours. Please get in touch via the email address provided or the enquiry form on AdoraCub’s website. Company: AdoraCub Email: [email protected] Website:

7 Jan22326 Best Luxury Spa Treatments - San Francisco Recognized for providing the Best Luxury Spa Treatments in San Francisco, Qua - The Spa at Soma Grand offers exceptional service and a breathtaking environment to relax, enjoy and be enthralled by the professional care of the spa's dedicated and talented staff. The establishment specializes in customizable oxygen treatments and massage treatments. In addition to this, the clinic provides the highest quality facial treatments. At Qua, the aim is to make 'you' a better 'you.' Located in 'The Gold City' of San Francisco, Qua - The Spa at Soma Grand is an establishment where 'tradition meets modern health and beauty.' It is a place where people from across the nation or globe can come and visit and relax – soaking up the luxurious oasis of wellness and pampering that combines all aspects of the spa lifestyle in a comprehensive package for classic and trending services. At Qua, an enchanting environment captures the divine essence of tranquillity – a full service, luxury escape that provides authentic, traditional, bespoke and modernized treatments to enrich the lives of all types of people. There are various types of massages – gentle, little session and vigorous treatments designed to relax, revive, and rejunivate you. Qua offers people to embrace the relaxation aura that is meant to be absorbed through enriching sensation and aromatherapies – a calming retreat that allows individuals to be pampered in the comfort of their own individual space. Guests can choose from various treatments and packages that suit the smallest or biggest occasions from weddings, brides and bridesmaids, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions of a 'just because' moment for someone you love. Moreover, Guests have the exceptional option to choose an entirely customizable spa party packages that allows individuals to celebrate in a serene environment from bridal, baby and bachelorette parties or a simple day to catch up and relax – let Qua take care of you. Some of the most popular treatments at the spa include deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish massage, and reflexology. Its highly sought-after Signature Massage include an aromatic foot soak, Himalayan salt foot scrub, and nourishing foot mask for the full pampered experience. However, additional services within its facial and waxing sector are also available besides traditional spa treatments. From peaceful retreats meant to replenish, rejuvenate and relax one's mental and physical state to spa party packages, Qua is the perfect place to hotel an array of events – from individual moments of bliss to a session with your closest friends. Indulge in a serene space and intimate setting or a tranquil environment and feel entirely at peace with the luxuriousness that is Qua. At Qua, packages are unparalleled to those in the surrounding area -offering a sophisticated location to relax and encompass the true serenity that is blissfully provided through a variety of high quality and one of a kind, revitalizing services. Qua – providers of the Best Luxury Spa Treatments in San Francisco – get ready to glow from the inside out. Company: Qua – The Spa at Soma Grand Contact Name: Hemal Panchal Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

8 Feb22476 Athina Luxury Suites is the ideal location to simply provide an escape from the stresses of every day life, whether solo, as a couple, or with family or friends; or it can be the location of a couple’s dream wedding ceremony, a venue surrounded by gorgeously romantic scenery; or maybe even the destination of their honeymoon, where it’s just them, and the most divine and memorable experience to celebrate their marriage. Should guests choose to venture away from the hotel, they can explore the picturesque town of Fira with its decadent restaurants, cafes, shopping and nightlife, to be submerged into the liveliness of the island. There’s also the Megaro Gyzi Cultural Center where they can delve into Greek culture and see what cultural events are on, such as concerts and theatrical performances. Or there’s two cathedrals that are worth a visit, along with two spectacular museums, the Archaeological Museum of Thera and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, displaying relics and historic items from across the island. Not only this, but close to Fira is Kontochori Village, the location of the Folklore Museum of Emmanual A. Lignos, home to six rooms of exhibitions that illustrate the 20th century way of life. Ultimately, Athina Luxury Suites’ passion is in crafting unique experiences tailored to its guests. Even the smallest details have been considered by the team, having scoured the globe for the highest quality amenities and most notable brands. Devoted to catering to every demand and request, the hotel’s concierge desks are open 24 hours a day, arranging VIP excursions, transfers, car rentals, yacht rentals, helicopter rides, private dinners, and every other need of its loyal guests. The result of this dedication is an experience that pampers and delights, ensuring a personalised and unforgettable escape of pure opulence and a true feast for the senses. Company: Athina Luxury Suites Email: [email protected] Website: Athina Luxury Suites offers guests the choice of 25 highly luxurious and modern suites, every one of them with dramatic views of the volcano, glittering Aegean Sea, and stunning sunsets. Fully renovated in 2021, each suite has been designed for guests who appreciate refined luxury, featuring a minimalist aesthetic and high-end furnishings with a modern twist on traditional Greek architecture. Some suites feature private balconies, heated Jacuzzis and steam baths for private, optimal relaxation while taking in the scenery. Alongside suites of different sizes and couple-only honeymoon suites, the hotel has the unique and exclusive Royal Suite available for up to six people, a 140sqm private villa which is the ultimate in sophisticated luxury, with two separate master bedrooms and ensuites, large living room with a double sofa bed and a third bathroom, large heated Jacuzzi pool on the private balcony, and featuring rare and precious pieces of art and furniture. All suites are equipped with LCD Sat TVs 32” and 42” (or wider); desk; Bluetooth speakers; tablet PCs; free wi-fi connection; telephone; laptopsize safe box; mini-bar; ironing facilities; hairdryers; scales; beauty mirrors; fine Guy Laroche linens, towels and bathrobes for every guest; slippers; luxury Hermes, Guerlain or Joe Malone cosmetics; pool towels; and much more. Guests have access to the hotel’s huge infinity swimming pool which sits on the cliff and provides a spectacular swimming experience with an expansive view from Oia to Akrotiri. The pool bar is open all day until sunset, the perfect place to meet and gather while sipping on a cocktail and watching the sun drop into the sea. The Esperisma Bar-Restaurant, located on the hotel’s upper balcony, is open all day offering the most refreshing signature cocktails and serving carefully selected dishes combined with a list of fine wines and champagnes, especially for the sunset till late hours. It also offers private candlelight dinner options on request for special occasions with exclusive menus. And for those who fancy room service, they can order from a wide list of drinks and food, with drinks available 24 hours a day and the kitchen open from 11:30am until midnight. Then there’s the Aphrodite Spa, with its cave aesthetic and serene atmosphere – Guests can indulge in a pamper with massages, treatments, and body and face therapies to leave them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Perched on the cliffs of the caldera in the most sought-after location in Fira, Athina Luxury Suites showcases dreamy panoramic views of the whole island and famous volcano, along with breath-taking sunsets. And while the hotel is only a few steps away from the centre of Fira, it still enjoys a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Awarded the title of LUXlife’s Best Luxury Boutique Hotel, 2022 - Santorini Island, we take a look at what makes Athina Luxury Suites the place to stay in Santorini. Luxury in Every Detail

9 Feb22005 Best LuxuryVacation Rentals Distribution Platform 2022 Having made itself a perfect getaway destination for the discerning traveller, Villaway offers a platform upon which a client can organise their perfect excursion. With luxury villas that can be customised to include everything from a private chef and pre-stocked bar to a 24/7 concierge, guests follow the example of many A-list celebrities in taking part in its services, enjoying the ‘luxury AirBnB’ style services it makes available. In operation all over the world, it promises that no matter its client’s style or sensibilities, it will have a holiday villa perfect for providing them their well-earned break. An expert in luxury villa getaways and experiences, Villaway boasts a vast range of establishments in its portfolio from the Turks and Tuscany to the star-studded Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, each of which are astounding in quality. Beautiful, clean, and well-maintained, each of them have stunning views and inspiration-worthy facades, as well as interiors that are both aesthetically appealing and utterly contemporary in order to provide the modern holidaymaker with everything they could possibly need. Many of them incorporate pools and outdoor verandas, but all of them incorporate stunning interior design and a flair for the finer things in life. Founded by Joe Liebke, he has incorporated his own desire to revive and reinvigorate the human spirit into the villa experiences he provides through his company. With a motto of serving his clients ‘one villa vacation at a time,’ he promises that each client can expect a level of diligence and dedication that is unmatched by his peers, with Joe and his team working hard to provide each client with their dream getaway. Fundamentally, Joe himself uses his proven acumen in extensive creative marketing, sales, project management, and international real estate to lead from the front when it comes to guiding his team, resulting in a business that has fast become the world’s premier, luxury vacation rental marketplace. With over 6000 villas in over 120 different world-class destinations – and an additional 4500 to be added in 2023 – this company is excited to see where it will be able to take its clients next. Villaway, after all, has built itself up on the foundation of connecting the discerning traveller with the elite concierge and lifestyle services they deserve, and its constant dedication to improvement and development has ensured that it stays ahead of the pack in this concern. Its customisable services can include a private chef and catering, pre-stocked bar and kitchen, housekeeping scheduled around the client, babysitting, limousine and car service, 24/7 concierge, restaurant reservations, party and events access, and more; it looks forward to aiding its future guests in following the footsteps of it’s A-List clients to their perfect villa vacation in the coming year. Company: Villaway Contact: Joe Liebke Website:

10 Mar22073 Vera Sant Fournier, the winner of ‘2022's Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design Services’ for Malta, puts this new accreditation alongside its many others as it looks back on a history of design excellence, artistic prowess, and brilliant customer service. We catch up with the founder herself in order to find out what drives the vision behind its work and the tenacity behind its team, both of which have allowed it to grow in both influence and repute since its inception. Celebrating the Artistry of Interior Design

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 11 Holiday 2022 of waiting for one to emerge. It looks for clients who understand that quality costs, that expectations must be realistic, and that design is, first and foremost, a conversation. With the combination of the customer’s vision and Vera Sant Fournier’s exemplary guiding hand and distinctive eye, it delivers not just interiors, but emotions, movement, and true artistry. Exploring all manner of different moods and atmospheres through its understanding of shape, form, lighting, colour, and texture, this multicultural team have a prevailing attitude of always pushing for better. Therefore, its team are always encouraged to challenge the norm, to think of new ideas that will excite and enthral its clients. The multicultural nature of the team certainly helps this, as it ensures that a variety of different perspectives are funnelled into every design, and that every project is emboldened by a marriage of new ideas and cultural lenses. Thus, the Vera Sant Fournier pedigree is one of celebration of human individuality. With architects, designers, suppliers, and visualisers from the United Arab Emirates and Europe to further afield, all work hard to deliver the unique space that Vera Sant Fournier’s client deserves, one that will merge the perfection of the professional with Established in 2009 by the eponymous Vera Sant Fournier – the founder and creative director of the company – this firm has become one of Malta’s foremost voices for artistically designed and bespoke interiors. Fundamentally, the love, passion, and determination of the founder has created an atmosphere of serious attention to detail within the team, with every professional within its ranks able to both pay attention to the bigger picture and use a fine brush to make even the smallest of elements shine. Each of these elements, it promises, will reflect the client as a person and exactly what the client came to it asking for. In this manner, it shows the great pride it takes in breathing life into the visions its clients bring before it, creating visuals that allow a perfect representation of their dream to be brought into reality so that a detailed plan can be drawn up for its realisation. Nominally, these processes being strict ensures everything is done perfectly to specification, all the while keeping the client at the heart of the project as the most important guiding voice regarding what goes into a build and what does not. Bringing together the talent of artistic professionals, craftspeople, and architectural specialists, it creates great synergy in its interior designs. This, in essence, results in a space that is practical, beautiful, and fit to purpose for a client, with every piece of furniture, decorative element, and practical decision having been made to fit seamlessly around the client’s life. Its clients appreciate this personalised approach, one that sees them spend a great deal of time with the time picking out the details and enjoying the process of design without the stress; this makes for a journey of self-discovery for a client that Vera Sant Fournier is proud to help make space for time and again. Being such a prestigious, turn-key, international interior design expert, it serves both international and national private and corporate clients, evolving itself with its industry in order to keep up with the times. Critically, this has become more and more important with the recent boom in demand on the architecture and interior design industries thanks to the pandemic, with more people than ever looking to turn their homes into more effective hubs within which they can run every aspect of their life, from work to socialisation. Moreover, Vera Sant Fournier wants to be the designer that creates interiors that are ahead of the curve. Keeping a finger on the pulse of its industry, its competition, and its market, it aims to develop ideas and action plans that educate as well as provide a service, delivering more than meets the eye in order to develop spaces of true artistic integrity that have earned Vera Sant Fournier a great deal of respect over its 13 years in operation. Therefore, it has become the favoured interior designer for clients who want to walk on the wild side somewhat. It serves clients who appreciate beauty, stylism, and pushing the envelope when it comes to aesthetic sensibilities, working with Vera Sant Fournier to set the next trend instead the passion of the personal. During the past 18 months, such a mindset has helped it pull through the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, especially during a time wherein specialist tradespeople were in short supply, and materials even more so. Thus, Vera Sant Fournier switched to online efforts with its remote meetings and consultations, which it is still happy to deliver to this day in order to adapt itself to the emerging remote world that has been born as a result of the virus, and doing its part to reduce traffic, pollution, and congestion in Malta. With the natural talent, dedication, and tenacity that has been imbued within Vera Sant Fournier as a team and as a company since the very beginning – all made possible by the passion of the founder for which it is named – it is looking forward to introducing its new start-up in the coming months. Those wishing to watch its star continue to rise can catch it soon appearing in the top 50 business leaders of Malta list, and it hopes to welcome many new clients through its doors very soon so it can reimagine their space into the best and most beautiful version of itself. Company: Vera Sant Fournier Contact: Vera Sant Fournier Website:

12 Mar22229 ConnectionWith Culture Our heritage is something more than history. It’s the way that our pasts are tied to the natural landscape and the people who lived in it. It’s something that is lived in and remains in our hearts today. Porta Raiana is a company that celebrates the heritage of Idanha-a-Nova. It has now been awarded the title of Best Historical Tourist Attraction – Portugal in LUXlife’s Travel and Tourism Awards 2022. We delve a little deeper into Porta Raiana’s stunning experiences to discover more of what it has to offer. Cultural history is something very rare indeed. It is something to be savoured and shared, never changing yet constantly in flux. It’s the legends and stories that define us, that have defined generations before us. It’s part of the past of who we are and who we will be. Porta Raiana was the brainchild of Andreia de Brito, who has always had a passion for heritage, both natural and cultural. To her, the two are deftly intertwined, leading to the development of Porta Raiana. This exciting region brings together the diverse heritage of the region into an experience that is unlike any other. By encompassing not only history, but the social stories of so many people, it’s clear that Porta Raiana is something very special indeed. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the hidden village of Proença-aVelha, one of the oldest settlements in Portugal as well as the breathtaking geomonuments of Monsanto, a region steeped in the history of war. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the experience, however, is the chance to step through time into the ancient city of Egitania. For more than 2,000 years, gods were worshipped here with people of every background mingling amongst each other. It’s a cultural feast for those who are intrigued by items that have survived through millennia. When you take part in Porta Raiana’s activities you’ll find moments that are unlike any other, memories that can be shared for years to come, built on this historic, ethnographic, gastronomic and natural treasure. It connects the wider community with its past and with those who wish to learn more about it. An interaction with Porta Raiana isn’t just one where you explore the remnants of tradition. It offers a bond with the culture of Idanha-a-Nova as a whole. This isn’t a history that is over yet, either. One of the biggest draws behind Porta Raiana is the way in which it is designed to inspire young people to build the future of this incredible establishment. In the same way that history is a living, breathing thing, so too is the way in which Porta Raiana operates. By inspiring others, the team have been able to achieve truly amazing success. What does it mean to embrace history? For the team at Porta Raiana, history is not just the way we see the past, but how it connects to our present and our future. They are proud to offer a testimony of how things were and how it connects to our world today. Their appeal is not just through offering history but offering history that ties into the very heart of who we are. Company: Porta Raiana Name: Andreia De Brito Email: [email protected] Web Address:

13 Apr22150 DMC Of TheYear 2022 - Thailand Having developed processes that allow it to safeguard both the regions it visits, the people who live there, and the clients it takes on its tours, Trunk Travel is a DMC and tour operator showing visitors the best of Thailand. Nominally, with its incredibly unwavering support of local people and businesses, it can give tourists a holistic view of what makes the nation tick, taking pride in the comprehensive experience it can deliver, where clients can create memories that will last a lifetime. Trunk Travel, a collective of passionate, professional Thai travel experts, has made itself a front-running voice in its region’s travel industry. Taking pride in everything that the country has to offer, and excited to show visitors around what makes the region such a magical place, it is both a DMC and tour operator. Fundamentally, Trunk Travel is emboldened by a deep level of ethics and responsibility, allowing it to offer fun, enthralling, educational, and unforgettable trips through the kingdom that inspire and invigorate travellers. Thus – even through the pandemic – it has made a name for itself as one of the best of the best, bringing thousands of new clients into its fold despite the tumult of the past few years. This has allowed it to continue delivering the best services possible, and it thanks its customers for their ongoing trust and support, both to provide tours that fulfil their holidaymaking needs and to do so with the utmost safety regulations and procedures in mind. Additionally, its clients form a diverse pool of people. Serving people from all over the world, seeing folks from first-time backpackers to seasoned globetrotters join in on its tours, it treats each person with dignity, respect, and enthusiasm, supporting locally owned businesses everywhere it goes in order to grant an authentic experience. This means that both socially and environmentally, Trunk Travel is a net good. In supporting the very best ethical elephant sanctuaries, locally-owned businesses, and more, its team have devised the best routes and programmes that allow for a holistic view of what makes Thailand the incredible nation that it is. To earn a role within this team, one must show a true passion for travel, people, and perspective, ensuring they will fit right in with the existing culture that has secured Trunk Travel its survival during the pandemic. Its plans, therefore, are for further growth. Having grown its online footprint exponentially, it will continue to offer educational trips and continue to develop its own sustainability, with a focus on ethics, responsibility, and ecological safeguarding. Company: Trunk Travel Contact: Steve Williams Website:

14 Mar22002 A Jewel in the Crown of the Hospitality Industry Memories Jibacoa Resort of the Blue Diamond Resorts group has recently earned itself accreditation as the ‘Most Outstanding Adults-Only Hotel’ in 2022 for Cuba. As part of this organisation of outstanding hospitality experts, Memories Jibacoa boasts a staff of friendly, charming, and charismatic people who work hard to deliver an outstanding experience to its clients at every turn. With a devoted attitude towards its clients and their happiness, it strives to create an environment that embodies relaxation, creation, and innovation, all within an idyllic resort away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Memories Jibacoa Resort has made a name for itself as part of a wider group of experts, embodying the brand of the Blue Diamond Resorts Group in everything from the excellence of its staff to the outstanding design of the rooms. The Group itself has something for everyone, with its various hotels serving the family holidaymaking market, city destination explorers, boutique hotel enthusiasts, and more; but Memories Jibacoa is notable for being the best of its adults only hotels. Nominally – and in line with Blue Diamond’s devotion to always give 100% when it comes to hotelier service – this establishment has cut its teeth on gathering the best people around it, hiring friendly and charismatic staff who always go above and beyond for its clientele. Furthermore, Memories Jibacoa’s hotel managers are 5-star employees, as lauded by the satisfied clients who have passed through their care previously. It is proud to say that many of these guests come back time and time again, in no small part thanks to the devotion and uncompromising attitude towards achieving success that its staff display, recruiting only the best of the best and engaging in the well-established Blue Diamond Talent programme. Despite the tumult of the pandemic, the exemplary nature of this team has allowed the company to pull through with flying colours, opening its doors once again now that the world is reopening. Trusting in its staff, extending its thanks out to its loyal customer base, and looking forward to the bright future that is surely in store for Memories Jibacoa and the Blue Diamond Group in the macro scale, the company currently has plans to move into the Caribbean. With this plan in mind – as well as ambitions to continue innovating and bettering the internal processes of its existing establishments – it looks forward to welcoming clients back to Cuba in style, continuing to be the best place ‘for making dreams come true’. Company: Memories Jibacoa Resort Contact: Jorge Luis Pérez Delgado Website:

15 Apr22181 Leading Experts inWedding Floral Arrangements - Colorado Flowers are an integral part of a wedding – featured in bouquets, boutonnieres, and décor. Henceforth, its imperative to find a company that will take your wishes seriously and fulfil your floral dreams. Acscents Floral is a company that will do just that and more, creating arrangements that not only match your requests, but also reflect who you are. Based out of Thornton, Colorado, for over 20 years, Acscents Floral has been providing premium floral designs and timeless arrangements for weddings and events across the state and beyond. Indeed, the company believes that such floral arrangements should be a reflection of who the client is – and this is the approach that it takes for weddings, events, corporate parties, or celebrations of life. Henceforth, Acscents Floral prides itself on its willingness to get to know and truly understand its clients. ‘I LOVE what I do and the happiness I get to bring to my clients. Seeing their faces and the love they have for my designs and their wonderful reviews is why I love doing what I do,’ writes Tamera Herreid, the founder of Acscents Floral. Working with the finest silk, sola, and fresh flowers, Acscents Floral designs and creates bespoke arrangements, and as a result, it does not offer wedding packages. Instead, Acscents Floral collaborates harmoniously with each couple, starting from the initial free consultation. This ensures that each arrangement is completed not only to the couple’s taste, but also to the highest quality. Consequently, Acscents Floral has attracted a broad clientele. The company strives to provide excellent standards of customer service, as it takes pride in what it does and hopes to leave a lasting impression on each client. Therefore, interacting with clients, learning their quirks and personalities is of the utmost importance. Tamera continues, ‘I have been enormously blessed over these past 20+ years in business to have worked with some of the most amazing clients, some of which I am lucky to call my friends whom I still stay in touch with.’ As the company operates as a one-woman show, this connection between Tamera and her clients is heightened. Moreover, the need to deliver quality is paramount – ‘I am my staff. I am a one-woman shop, so I am my success or failure. I have family and friends that assist with day-of set up, but I do all the meetings, prep, and design.’ Subsequently, Acscents Floral only takes on one or two clients each weekend, depending on the size of the event, in order to enable Tamera to focus her time and attention into making the events as showstopping as possible. The biggest challenge that Acscents Floral had to face came in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this unstable period, Acscents Floral’s business dropped by 66% due to the introduction of social distancing and restrictions. However, as restrictions have eased, the company has seen an influx in demand for floral arrangements and décor. 2021 served to be the Acscents Floral’s biggest year on record – a trend that Tamera hopes will continue. ‘With the massive increase in demand, I could easily expand my business and hire additional designers, however, that would impact my core values. I want to continue to provide exemplary service to my clients,’ Tamera clarifies. With two decades of experience behind her, she still boasts the same passion that she did on day one. As such, Acscents Floral will continue to be a home-based, one-woman business. However, Tamera does have plans for the future – ‘I would love to get a little "she shed" to operate out of so I can spread out, close the door at the end of the day, and free up some garage space for my hubby....... maybe someday soon.’ Contact: Tamera Herreid Company: Acscents Floral Web Address:

16 - Tourism is one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic, and it’s changed the way we will see the world of travel forever. Between lockdowns isolating people and travel restrictions limiting where they can travel to, keen travellers are now longing to get back out there and make up for lost time. The requirements of the ultra-wealthy traveller have now pivoted, too, with them prioritising privacy, safety, and reliability over cost. We take a look at how the travel industry has changed as a result of the pandemic, and this year’s travel trends that have stemmed from it, from hiring a private island to adventuring in the jungle of Bali. Post-Pandemic Luxury Travel BY REBECCA SCOTLAND

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 17 Holiday 2022 in World War II. For more than a century, the building was closed to the public, but guests can now live within these historic walls. The 120-room residence features a private indoor pool, nine restaurants and bars, a spa, concierge services, and over 30,000sqft of private amenity spaces including a Residents’ Garden. While the property still embraces many of its original design features, interiors master, Thierry Despont has lavished each residence and room in modern yet classic décor. Over-Tourism While everybody has been deprived of travel over the last two years, it has benefited the destinations that have been overwhelmed by tourism, having caused alienation of locals, overloaded infrastructure, and damage to nature. Travellers have become aware of this and are seeking to travel to destinations where they can leave a positive impact behind. For example, Thanda Island which is situated off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean is a private island surrounded by a protected marine reserve. One of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, it has a single luxurious villa and two traditional bandas (beach chalets). Guests can swim with the gentle giant, the whale shark or watch the sea turtles nesting, all beautiful creatures that the island is dedicated to protecting. Local park rangers patrol and protect the reserve from illegal fishing. Sustainability is a focus in every way such as energy being generated by solar power, dishes crafted using only locally sourced materials, and rainwater tanks used to collect water. Long-Haul Destinations Many long-haul destinations are now an option for travellers again, with the lifting of the UK government’s restrictions which limited where people could travel to. In light of this, a travel destination that we recommend is Fairmont Maldives, the pinnacle of a luxury long-haul getaway with spectacular over-water accommodation, serene beaches, and memorable experiences on both land and sea. Soon launching its new Sustainability Lab, guests will be able to take part in transforming plastic waste into bespoke gifts and souvenirs. Increased Focus on Wellbeing Travellers are also seeking to reverse the effects of the last two years on their minds and bodies, while desiring longer holidays due to pent-up demand, more flexibility at work, and to make the most out of the destination. Our first recommendation for submerging oneself into a divine relaxation experience is Chenot Palace Weggis in the Swiss Alps. The wellness hotel offers guests a Recover & Rejuvenation programme which aims to reduce stress, recharge the body’s all-natural energy, and restore vitality by combining detox treatments with clinically-proven and Private Jets and Concierge Services To begin with, high net worth individuals are looking to travel privately now more than ever, with private jets having seen a boom in demand, along with luxury concierge services. Air Charter Service is a global aircraft charter broker with 27 offices around the world and which operates 27,000 flights per year, enabling it to seamlessly satisfy any flight requirement. The company also has an inhouse lifestyle concierge team which ensures discreet door-to-door travel – and this has enabled the business to grow by 41% since before the pandemic in 2019. Indeed, it’s the businesses that can provide well-executed luxury concierge services that stand out to this ultra-wealthy customer who expects to feel protected and wellcatered for at all times during their trip. Exclusivity The tourism industry has also seen heightened demand for exclusive-use destinations and luxury buyouts such as yachts, private villas, and entire private islands, providing guests with the privacy, safety, and security they need – as well as the opportunity to have entirely bespoke experiences crafted to their desires. Velaa Private Island is one of the exclusive locations we recommend. This ultra-luxe resort in the Maldives’ Noone Atoll is perfect for privacy and seclusion. The destination has invested heavily in new facilities and experiences for guests, including a padel tennis court, KRASH Predator jet ski, and limited education watercraft. Additionally, the island’s wellness practitioners are available to provide integrative body work, sound healing, and mind training workshops for those guests needing some relaxation. Branded Residences Branded residences are popular as well, defined as high-end luxury residential properties that are associated with a brand. The real appeal of these is in the level of combined service available, whether guests want to indulge in a massage, require someone to walk their dog for them, or would like someone to stock their fridge. The attraction to this seems to be due to the pandemic and the increase of those choosing to stay at home – Guests have everything they could need and more without leaving their front door, including valet, security, dedicated concierge service, luxury amenities, and more, and it all comes with absolute opulence. Raffles Hotels & Resorts’ The OWO branded residence offers guests a distinctive blend of intimacy and luxury. Fascinating history awaits in what was originally the Old War Office (Grade II listed building) in London, built in 1906 and the headquarters of Winston Churchill -patented neuroscience technology. The treatment encourages the body to restore its natural rhythms, reduce chronic stress, improve restorative sleep, and optimise energy levels – truly ideal for that postpandemic health reset that many so desperately need. Meanwhile, twin-centre escape, COMO Hotels and Resorts in Bali is an option which provides guests with a mix of relaxation and adventure. COMO Uma Canggu is a bohemian surfing neighbourhood where guests looking for some excitement can have a go at surfing with the help of an experienced guide, while those who are looking to unwind can make the most of the hotel’s wellness retreat, COMO Shambhala Retreat. At COMO Uma Ubud, budding explorers can disappear into the jungle surrounded by paddy fields, with complete access to the region’s tropical landscapes, fascinating temples, and rich culture. Family Reunions There is also a trend of families going on reunion holidays after being kept apart for so long by limits on household mixing and travel restrictions. Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa and D-Maris Bay in Turkey are two perfect locations for getting the family together and spending some long overdue quality time. Both of these destinations have designed their accommodation and activities to suit multigenerational groups. Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is a paradise and leading resort for families which offers spacious bedrooms, inviting communal spaces, private pools, and huge gardens. This year, the resort will be expanding its collection of family villas, inviting even more guests to book a vacation to remember. Activities available include kids’ yoga and cooking lessons, indulgent spa treatments, and thrilling water sports. D-Maris Bay in Turkey is another ideal location for families, with a water taxi service available to transport guests between the resort’s five pristine beaches. The destination caters to all ages with Bay Beach’s delightful ice cream parlour, while Silence Beach provides the opportunity to shut off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Accommodation at the resort provides exceptional comfort and flexibility with large bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, private pool, and butler service. Ultimately, these travel providers know exactly what their customers want, and they work hard to ensure that their every need is catered for with the most optimum service possible. Customer centrism is vital, especially in today’s world where the utmost safety, privacy and convenience is expected. At the same time, promoting sustainable and green tourism is a crucial as these destinations need to be looked after and maintained for many years to come. BY REBECCA SCOTLAND

18 Apr22113 Changing theWorld, One Step At a Time If you’re looking for style, comfort, and the chance to make a positive impact on the world, here’s a footwear company for you. Grinvald Footwear has now won Best Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand, 2022. Here, we take a deeper look at its incredible inventions and trusted products alongside its excellent reputation for sustainability and care for the planet. Sometimes when we say eco-friendly, we think of styles that are not current or exciting. It is absolutely imperative for brands to not only stay on trend, but to also become trend setters themselves. Grinvald Footwear does just this. By taking trends such as bold, chunky platforms and stylish sliders then transforming them into works of art, Grinvald Footwear has created an interesting and captivating selection of footwear that speaks for itself. Starting its journey in 2016, Grinvald Footwear’s values still haven’t changed. It believes in quality standards, great customer engagement, and a transparent nature that means each customer can rely on its honest approach. Grinvald Footwear’s philosophy, at its core, it built upon integrity, honestly, reliability, and quality – with this, Grinvald Footwear has the ability to forge relationships that are long lasting and strong. Its relationships, formed on trust, are truly inspirational. As Grinvald Footwear creates the footwear of the future it also ensures the best experience for the individuals purchasing its products. Its customer service and ease-of-access site ensures a pleasant interaction between it and its consumers. Ever since 2018, Grinvald Footwear has put a huge amount of effort into its sustainable inventions and innovative products – this has allowed it to expand at an exponential rate. Led by Dr. Anna Grinvald, Grinvald Footwear has a lot of passion and experience behind it. Anna started her career in Israel. Managing the logistics of a large agricultural company there, Anna embarked on her journey with pride and excitement. Anna then started GTS Group in 2009 where she focused on the manufacturing of precision plastics and stainless steel moulds. After many years of her successful entrepreneurial journey, Anna set up Grinvald Shoes and truly followed her passion – under GTS Group, Anna has created an advanced, sustainable, and revolutionary shoe factory that is committed to producing the best for its customers – as well as the environment. Grinvald Footwear’s brand ROXAN was launched in 2019 with the goal of creating the most sustainable footwear that utilizes recycled and wasted materials. By using recycled materials, Grinvald Footwear creates eco-friendly products that are kind to the planet and easy on the eye with its beautiful and elegant designs. Partnered with Simona Tannery, Grinvald Footwear formed the brand MERAKE that concentrates on utilizing leather waste in fashion. Bursting with ideas, the two company directors – Anna Grinvald and Alane Marder – decided to team up to generate ideas that were deeply rooted in power, knowledge, and enthusiasm. LUXlife is ecstatic to present Grinvald Footwear with the accolade of Best Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand, 2022 for all of its efforts and incredible products. We look forward to seeing its next steps. Contact: Anna Grinvald Company: Grinvald Footwear Web Address: