Holiday 2022

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 11 Holiday 2022 of waiting for one to emerge. It looks for clients who understand that quality costs, that expectations must be realistic, and that design is, first and foremost, a conversation. With the combination of the customer’s vision and Vera Sant Fournier’s exemplary guiding hand and distinctive eye, it delivers not just interiors, but emotions, movement, and true artistry. Exploring all manner of different moods and atmospheres through its understanding of shape, form, lighting, colour, and texture, this multicultural team have a prevailing attitude of always pushing for better. Therefore, its team are always encouraged to challenge the norm, to think of new ideas that will excite and enthral its clients. The multicultural nature of the team certainly helps this, as it ensures that a variety of different perspectives are funnelled into every design, and that every project is emboldened by a marriage of new ideas and cultural lenses. Thus, the Vera Sant Fournier pedigree is one of celebration of human individuality. With architects, designers, suppliers, and visualisers from the United Arab Emirates and Europe to further afield, all work hard to deliver the unique space that Vera Sant Fournier’s client deserves, one that will merge the perfection of the professional with Established in 2009 by the eponymous Vera Sant Fournier – the founder and creative director of the company – this firm has become one of Malta’s foremost voices for artistically designed and bespoke interiors. Fundamentally, the love, passion, and determination of the founder has created an atmosphere of serious attention to detail within the team, with every professional within its ranks able to both pay attention to the bigger picture and use a fine brush to make even the smallest of elements shine. Each of these elements, it promises, will reflect the client as a person and exactly what the client came to it asking for. In this manner, it shows the great pride it takes in breathing life into the visions its clients bring before it, creating visuals that allow a perfect representation of their dream to be brought into reality so that a detailed plan can be drawn up for its realisation. Nominally, these processes being strict ensures everything is done perfectly to specification, all the while keeping the client at the heart of the project as the most important guiding voice regarding what goes into a build and what does not. Bringing together the talent of artistic professionals, craftspeople, and architectural specialists, it creates great synergy in its interior designs. This, in essence, results in a space that is practical, beautiful, and fit to purpose for a client, with every piece of furniture, decorative element, and practical decision having been made to fit seamlessly around the client’s life. Its clients appreciate this personalised approach, one that sees them spend a great deal of time with the time picking out the details and enjoying the process of design without the stress; this makes for a journey of self-discovery for a client that Vera Sant Fournier is proud to help make space for time and again. Being such a prestigious, turn-key, international interior design expert, it serves both international and national private and corporate clients, evolving itself with its industry in order to keep up with the times. Critically, this has become more and more important with the recent boom in demand on the architecture and interior design industries thanks to the pandemic, with more people than ever looking to turn their homes into more effective hubs within which they can run every aspect of their life, from work to socialisation. Moreover, Vera Sant Fournier wants to be the designer that creates interiors that are ahead of the curve. Keeping a finger on the pulse of its industry, its competition, and its market, it aims to develop ideas and action plans that educate as well as provide a service, delivering more than meets the eye in order to develop spaces of true artistic integrity that have earned Vera Sant Fournier a great deal of respect over its 13 years in operation. Therefore, it has become the favoured interior designer for clients who want to walk on the wild side somewhat. It serves clients who appreciate beauty, stylism, and pushing the envelope when it comes to aesthetic sensibilities, working with Vera Sant Fournier to set the next trend instead the passion of the personal. During the past 18 months, such a mindset has helped it pull through the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, especially during a time wherein specialist tradespeople were in short supply, and materials even more so. Thus, Vera Sant Fournier switched to online efforts with its remote meetings and consultations, which it is still happy to deliver to this day in order to adapt itself to the emerging remote world that has been born as a result of the virus, and doing its part to reduce traffic, pollution, and congestion in Malta. With the natural talent, dedication, and tenacity that has been imbued within Vera Sant Fournier as a team and as a company since the very beginning – all made possible by the passion of the founder for which it is named – it is looking forward to introducing its new start-up in the coming months. Those wishing to watch its star continue to rise can catch it soon appearing in the top 50 business leaders of Malta list, and it hopes to welcome many new clients through its doors very soon so it can reimagine their space into the best and most beautiful version of itself. Company: Vera Sant Fournier Contact: Vera Sant Fournier Website: