Holiday 2022

12 Mar22229 ConnectionWith Culture Our heritage is something more than history. It’s the way that our pasts are tied to the natural landscape and the people who lived in it. It’s something that is lived in and remains in our hearts today. Porta Raiana is a company that celebrates the heritage of Idanha-a-Nova. It has now been awarded the title of Best Historical Tourist Attraction – Portugal in LUXlife’s Travel and Tourism Awards 2022. We delve a little deeper into Porta Raiana’s stunning experiences to discover more of what it has to offer. Cultural history is something very rare indeed. It is something to be savoured and shared, never changing yet constantly in flux. It’s the legends and stories that define us, that have defined generations before us. It’s part of the past of who we are and who we will be. Porta Raiana was the brainchild of Andreia de Brito, who has always had a passion for heritage, both natural and cultural. To her, the two are deftly intertwined, leading to the development of Porta Raiana. This exciting region brings together the diverse heritage of the region into an experience that is unlike any other. By encompassing not only history, but the social stories of so many people, it’s clear that Porta Raiana is something very special indeed. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the hidden village of Proença-aVelha, one of the oldest settlements in Portugal as well as the breathtaking geomonuments of Monsanto, a region steeped in the history of war. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the experience, however, is the chance to step through time into the ancient city of Egitania. For more than 2,000 years, gods were worshipped here with people of every background mingling amongst each other. It’s a cultural feast for those who are intrigued by items that have survived through millennia. When you take part in Porta Raiana’s activities you’ll find moments that are unlike any other, memories that can be shared for years to come, built on this historic, ethnographic, gastronomic and natural treasure. It connects the wider community with its past and with those who wish to learn more about it. An interaction with Porta Raiana isn’t just one where you explore the remnants of tradition. It offers a bond with the culture of Idanha-a-Nova as a whole. This isn’t a history that is over yet, either. One of the biggest draws behind Porta Raiana is the way in which it is designed to inspire young people to build the future of this incredible establishment. In the same way that history is a living, breathing thing, so too is the way in which Porta Raiana operates. By inspiring others, the team have been able to achieve truly amazing success. What does it mean to embrace history? For the team at Porta Raiana, history is not just the way we see the past, but how it connects to our present and our future. They are proud to offer a testimony of how things were and how it connects to our world today. Their appeal is not just through offering history but offering history that ties into the very heart of who we are. Company: Porta Raiana Name: Andreia De Brito Email: [email protected] Web Address: