Holiday 2022

14 Mar22002 A Jewel in the Crown of the Hospitality Industry Memories Jibacoa Resort of the Blue Diamond Resorts group has recently earned itself accreditation as the ‘Most Outstanding Adults-Only Hotel’ in 2022 for Cuba. As part of this organisation of outstanding hospitality experts, Memories Jibacoa boasts a staff of friendly, charming, and charismatic people who work hard to deliver an outstanding experience to its clients at every turn. With a devoted attitude towards its clients and their happiness, it strives to create an environment that embodies relaxation, creation, and innovation, all within an idyllic resort away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Memories Jibacoa Resort has made a name for itself as part of a wider group of experts, embodying the brand of the Blue Diamond Resorts Group in everything from the excellence of its staff to the outstanding design of the rooms. The Group itself has something for everyone, with its various hotels serving the family holidaymaking market, city destination explorers, boutique hotel enthusiasts, and more; but Memories Jibacoa is notable for being the best of its adults only hotels. Nominally – and in line with Blue Diamond’s devotion to always give 100% when it comes to hotelier service – this establishment has cut its teeth on gathering the best people around it, hiring friendly and charismatic staff who always go above and beyond for its clientele. Furthermore, Memories Jibacoa’s hotel managers are 5-star employees, as lauded by the satisfied clients who have passed through their care previously. It is proud to say that many of these guests come back time and time again, in no small part thanks to the devotion and uncompromising attitude towards achieving success that its staff display, recruiting only the best of the best and engaging in the well-established Blue Diamond Talent programme. Despite the tumult of the pandemic, the exemplary nature of this team has allowed the company to pull through with flying colours, opening its doors once again now that the world is reopening. Trusting in its staff, extending its thanks out to its loyal customer base, and looking forward to the bright future that is surely in store for Memories Jibacoa and the Blue Diamond Group in the macro scale, the company currently has plans to move into the Caribbean. With this plan in mind – as well as ambitions to continue innovating and bettering the internal processes of its existing establishments – it looks forward to welcoming clients back to Cuba in style, continuing to be the best place ‘for making dreams come true’. Company: Memories Jibacoa Resort Contact: Jorge Luis Pérez Delgado Website: