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18 Apr22113 Changing theWorld, One Step At a Time If you’re looking for style, comfort, and the chance to make a positive impact on the world, here’s a footwear company for you. Grinvald Footwear has now won Best Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand, 2022. Here, we take a deeper look at its incredible inventions and trusted products alongside its excellent reputation for sustainability and care for the planet. Sometimes when we say eco-friendly, we think of styles that are not current or exciting. It is absolutely imperative for brands to not only stay on trend, but to also become trend setters themselves. Grinvald Footwear does just this. By taking trends such as bold, chunky platforms and stylish sliders then transforming them into works of art, Grinvald Footwear has created an interesting and captivating selection of footwear that speaks for itself. Starting its journey in 2016, Grinvald Footwear’s values still haven’t changed. It believes in quality standards, great customer engagement, and a transparent nature that means each customer can rely on its honest approach. Grinvald Footwear’s philosophy, at its core, it built upon integrity, honestly, reliability, and quality – with this, Grinvald Footwear has the ability to forge relationships that are long lasting and strong. Its relationships, formed on trust, are truly inspirational. As Grinvald Footwear creates the footwear of the future it also ensures the best experience for the individuals purchasing its products. Its customer service and ease-of-access site ensures a pleasant interaction between it and its consumers. Ever since 2018, Grinvald Footwear has put a huge amount of effort into its sustainable inventions and innovative products – this has allowed it to expand at an exponential rate. Led by Dr. Anna Grinvald, Grinvald Footwear has a lot of passion and experience behind it. Anna started her career in Israel. Managing the logistics of a large agricultural company there, Anna embarked on her journey with pride and excitement. Anna then started GTS Group in 2009 where she focused on the manufacturing of precision plastics and stainless steel moulds. After many years of her successful entrepreneurial journey, Anna set up Grinvald Shoes and truly followed her passion – under GTS Group, Anna has created an advanced, sustainable, and revolutionary shoe factory that is committed to producing the best for its customers – as well as the environment. Grinvald Footwear’s brand ROXAN was launched in 2019 with the goal of creating the most sustainable footwear that utilizes recycled and wasted materials. By using recycled materials, Grinvald Footwear creates eco-friendly products that are kind to the planet and easy on the eye with its beautiful and elegant designs. Partnered with Simona Tannery, Grinvald Footwear formed the brand MERAKE that concentrates on utilizing leather waste in fashion. Bursting with ideas, the two company directors – Anna Grinvald and Alane Marder – decided to team up to generate ideas that were deeply rooted in power, knowledge, and enthusiasm. LUXlife is ecstatic to present Grinvald Footwear with the accolade of Best Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand, 2022 for all of its efforts and incredible products. We look forward to seeing its next steps. Contact: Anna Grinvald Company: Grinvald Footwear Web Address: