Holiday 2022

The Most Instagrammable Beaches in Europe Research conducted by the luxury travel company The Thinking Traveller revealed that iconic British landmark Durdle Door Beach in Dorset as the second most Instagrammable beach in Europe. It features a natural limestone arch, which has origins dating back more than 10,000 years, and has received an impressive 265,276 posts on Instagram. The extraordinary white pebble beach, Étretat in Normandy, France was named the most Instagrammable beach in Europe, generating an immense 406,321 posts. La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia, Italy earned third place. This serene white sand shoreline with crystal clear blue water was captured in 109,135 posts on Instagram. Rounding out the top five most Instagrammable beaches are the Italian Torre Lapillo Beach in Puglia with 95,083 posts and the ever-popular Navagio Beach (also known as Shipwreck Beach) in Zakynthos, Greece with 80,824 posts. Below is the full list of the 15 most Instagrammed beached in Europe: 1. Étretat Beach - Normandy, France - Number of posts: 406,321 - Hashtag: #etretat 2. Durdle Door Beach - Dorset, UK - Number of posts: 265,276 - Hashtag: #durdledoor 3. La Pelosa Beach - Sardinia, Italy - Number of posts: 109,135 - Hashtag: #lapelosa 4. Torre Lapillo - Puglia, Italy - Number of posts: 95,083 - Hashtag: #torrelapillo 5. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) - Zakynthos, Greece - Number of posts: 80,824 - Hashtag: #navagiobeach 6. Cala Luna - Sardinia, Italy - Number of posts: 75,012 - Hashtag: #calaluna 7. Punta Prosciutto - Salento, Italy - Number of posts: 74,102 - Hashtag: #puntaprosciutto 8. La Concha Beach - San Sebastián, Spain - Number of posts: 72,114 - Hashtag: #playadelaconcha 9. Playa de Muro Beach - Mallorca, Spain - Number of posts: 70,831 - Hashtag: #playademuro 10. Porto Katsiki Beach - Lefkada, Greece - Number of posts: 55,496 - Hashtag: #portokatsiki 11. Kynance Cove - Cornwall, UK - Number of posts: 55,015 - Hashtag: #kynancecove 12. Myrtos Beach - Kefalonia, Greece - Number of posts: 52,465 - Hashtag: #myrtosbeach 13. Cala Goloritzé - Sardinia, Italy - Number of posts: 47,742 - Hashtag: #calagoloritz 14. Playa de Alcúdia - Mallorca, Spain - Number of posts: 44,042 - Hashtag: #alcudiabeach 15. Torre Guaceto Beach - Brindisi, Italy - Number of posts: 43,143 - Hashtag: #torreguaceto The study also features a list of the top 15 most Instagrammable beaches in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. Antoine Levy, Sales and Marketing Director at The Thinking Traveller, said: ‘‘It is no secret that Instagram has massively changed the way we travel. It has become a deciding factor for many travellers when it comes to where and how to go on holiday. As the European beach holiday season is fast approaching, we wanted to create a resource that will act as a travel inspiration for the best European beach destinations.’’