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6 Sep21503 Best Organic Baby Sleepsuit Brand 2021 - UK AdoraCub’s award-winning soft and sustainable two-way zip sleepsuits are made from organic cotton and bamboo, thoughtfully created with your little one’s comfort and safety as the top priority. Each sleepsuit maximises comfort and avoids harmful chemicals and dyes, making them incredibly kind to the skin. The AdoraCub story began with two first-time parents and their vision to create a collection of baby sleepsuits which are not only soft, kind to the skin and comfortable, but also sustainable and easy to use. They both had babies who suffered with eczema, so the need for clothing that was free from chemicals was a must. The parents also experienced many nights of trying to fasten the poppers on their babies’ sleepsuits, either missing some of them entirely or spending so long with bright phone torches shining that they might as well have put the kettle on and started off their days! They found that searching for pretty, comfortable, non-toxic, and sustainable clothing was either very expensive or it wasn’t clear as to how organic and sustainable it actually was. They noticed that many products were labelled differently; while some referred to products as being sourced sustainably, some said they were made with organic cotton, and others just said they were organic. Some were referring to the fabric itself, but not the trims, zippers, and buttons, and some didn’t address the chemical, social, or environmental aspects of production. The duo was able to crack this world of confusion, with only the best for little ones and the planet in mind. The search began for soft, sustainable, non-toxic, organically-made material from an ethical and responsible manufacturer – and almost two years and a lot of love and passion later, they launched AdoraCub. AdoraCub’s aim is to offer long-lasting, high-quality sleepsuits that are truly organic at an affordable price. Each sleepsuit is made from 47.5% organic cotton, 47.5% bamboo and 5% elastane (which helps to ensure the sleepsuit stretches back to shape again and again). This combination results in a soft, thermogenic fabric which is gentle on sensitive skin, enabling all babies to rest and sleep in the softest, most comfortable sleepsuits. This helps the skin breathe whilst keeping the baby warm and cosy, helping those who suffer from rashes or eczema. Alongside your little one’s comfort, AdoraCub takes climate change extremely seriously and focuses on having a low environmental impact. The company is constantly looking at its use of sustainable materials, reducing waste where it can and trying to work as efficiently as possible. On the customer service side of things, AdoraCub strives to provide top-notch support, whether you would like to know more about a product, have an issue with an order, or have any other question, request or concern. The company’s opening hours are weekdays, 9am-5pm, during which time, it aims to respond to enquiries within 24 hours. Please get in touch via the email address provided or the enquiry form on AdoraCub’s website. Company: AdoraCub Email: [email protected] Website: