Holiday 2023

Holiday 2023 | 15 the variety and quality of the drinks served at La Sal, which tickle the tastebuds of both drinkers and non-drinkers. With a deep love for its local area and community, La Sal operates based on a sustainable philosophy, using local and organic products to create its delectable dishes and drinks. This ensures that all ingredients are fresh and great quality, while contributing towards the local economy. In its day-to-day activities, the restaurant also strives to limit its use of plastic in order to play its part in taking care of the environment. La Sal is dedicated to producing homemade dishes using organic ingredients, without any additives or preservatives. It also aims to offer as many gluten free and vegetarian options as possible, always making allergen information available to those who need it. Through this, the restaurant shows its commitment to its customers, doing its best to make sure there is something for everyone on its menu. Welcoming customers from across the world as well as many Mallorcan residents, La Sal is always busy, serving incredible food consistently to all who dine there. The restaurant has amassed an impressive 4.4-star rating on Google, with over 384 reviews. In reviews, customers frequently comment on the fabulous view of the port from La Sal’s beautiful terrace, recommending that those who visit take the time to sit and appreciate the scenery. They also mention the amazing staff, who deliver attentive and friendly service, always with a smile on their faces. Visitors also praise the quality and originality of the food, particularly the fresh calamari, excellent burgers, and refreshing salads. They also appreciate the fact that everything is homemade and delicious, for example the hummus tacos and marinated tuna and shrimp tacos. Importantly, customers often feel that they are receiving great value for money at La Sal, with large portions and fair prices. One glowing review explains, “We ate here twice on a 3-day trip; it was very good. Delicious fresh food, the ceviche was excellent, the pork belly dish fabulous, all the tacos we tried were outstanding and the service was first class. We tried a few other top-rated places for lunch and dinner, and nothing came close.” Based on this, it is no surprise that many customers return to the restaurant time and time again, even when they are only staying in the area for a short time. Many reviews highly recommend that those staying in the Port de Sóller area pay a visit to La Sal to experience a delicious, satisfying meal while enjoying the sun beating down on the beautiful port. Considering the overwhelmingly positive reputation it maintains with customers, it is no surprise that La Sal has been awarded Best Mediterranean and Latin-American Fusion Restaurant, Mallorca, in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023. As the travel and tourism industry continues to experience huge amounts of business following the Covid-19 pandemic, we look forward to seeing what the future brings for La Sal. We congratulate the restaurant on its success in winning this award and wish its team the utmost success in the coming years. Contact: Hamlet Ramirez Company: La Sal Web Address: