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18 | LUXlife Magazine Exquisite Fine Wine & Whisky Merchant Oeno Group (Oeno) is a dynamic and innovative entity that sets trends and reshapes the way investors enjoy the fine wine market. As it’s named Global Wine & Whisky Investment Consultancy of the Year 2023, we take a look at what makes the revolutionary fine wine company stand out from its competitors. Inspired by the Ancient Greek word for wine, “οἶνος”, Oeno Group stands as an innovative and contemporary fine wine and whisky merchant. With a steadfast commitment to its core values, this global business has been redefining luxury in the world of alternative investment since its establishment. Oeno encompasses an awardwinning investment arm, a hospitality supply branch, and a wine boutique nestled in the heart of the City, all with the singular purpose of curating the finest and rarest wine bottles for its esteemed clientele. At the helm of Oeno is CEO, Michael Doerr, a visionary leader in the industry. Doerr’s expertise and dedication have propelled the company to new heights, earning Oeno the prestigious title of Best Global Wine Investment Firm for two consecutive years and the Wine Investment CEO of the Year award in 2022. Oeno works diligently with renowned anti-fraud experts to ensure the provenance and authenticity of its clients’ collections. Moreover, the company conducts meticulous bottle inspections under UV light and microscope, leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of excellence. As a true pioneer in fine wine investment, Oeno has forged a path through under-theradar fine wine regions, unveiling hidden gems and captivating enthusiasts with their unique offerings. The company has revolutionised collectors’ engagement with this distinct market, introducing innovative strategies and a range of exclusive services. One standout feature is Oeno’s built-in exit strategies, providing customers with liquidation paths for their investment portfolios – a challenge often faced by investors when they decide to monetise their assets. This novel approach sets Oeno apart from its competitors, ensuring a seamless investment lifecycle for clients. One of Oeno’s distinguishing factors is its extensive network of top restaurant and trade clients, known as OenoTrade. This network not only opens doors for profitable liquidation pathways during the investment journey but also presents wineries with the opportunity to supply their best wines at the peak of their maturity. These unparalleled services have solidified Oeno’s position as an industry leader, unmatched by other wine investment companies. When asked about their perspective on luxury, Michael explains that true luxury lies in the quality of service a business provides rather than a hefty price tag. Oeno’s unwavering commitment to its clients is a testament to this belief. In addition, recognising the importance of aftercare, Oeno ensures that its valued customers receive exceptional support throughout their investment journey. “It’s so much easier to keep a client for 20, 30, or 40 years than it is to keep finding new clients,” affirms Doerr, emphasising the longevity of the company’s client relationships. Oeno’s uniqueness in the industry stems from the leadership’s fresh and modern approach to wine and whisky investment. Upon its launch in 2016, the company identified gaps in the market and strategically developed services to address them. By introducing managed accounts, Oeno empowered clients to have direct contact with its portfolio managers, ensuring personalised attention and tailored investment opportunities. Moreover, Oeno recognised that competitors often charged storage and insurance fees, leading them to adopt a different approach. Instead, it opted to charge a percentage of the profit generated when clients liquidate their assets – a customer-centric strategy that resonated with investors. Oeno Group continues to set the standard for luxury and innovation in the fine wine investment industry. Through its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, unparalleled services, and visionary leadership, the company invites wine enthusiasts and investors alike to embark on an extraordinary journey where the world of fine wines meets the realm of possibility. When it comes to fine wine, it is often best to leave it with the experts, which is precisely what Oeno Groups’s team are. However, the fine wine and whisky industry is safe if professionals like Michael continue leading the way. We can’t wait to see what is on the horizon for the industry and the Oeno Group team. Company Name: Oeno Group Contact Name: Michael Doerr Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Mar23053