Holiday 2023

Holiday 2023 | 23 with the costs of raising Wagyu cattle. It is often hailed as the best beef in the world because of its melt-in-the-mouth texture and unique, exceptional umami flavour. Café In’s premium quality tuna comes from suppliers that preserve it in dry ice chambers. In addition to this precaution, all its raw food materials are strictly kept in the restaurant at appropriate temperatures. Fresh fish is also supplied and received daily, keeping everything of the freshest and highest standards throughout. Sushi&Meat, in the newly renovated space, provides new furniture, a new terrace, a sushi counter and, of course, dishes of the utmost excellence. Another unusual and unique experience Café In offers its customers is what it terms ‘Coffee in Boat.’ This is a party on board a sailing catamaran, for the utmost elegance on the slow-flowing waters of the Tejo River. The experience is overseen by an experienced captain, who will ensure every luxury is taken care of. In the restaurant arena, new concepts are a regular occurrence. New chefs appear every day, and new spaces open up all the time. It is important for Café In to stay ahead of the curve, to continue innovating, creating and constantly reviewing its menu. Every month it launches a different dish and dessert, so it is always providing choices, and able to offer new experiences especially to clientele who visit several times. There will always be something new for them to try, they are assured of that. Café In is a restaurant of choice for its clients and is happy to have been featured in some very interesting articles and reviews in the Portuguese press. The restaurant appreciates its dedicated staff and is happy to provide the space for them to learn and grow. This means they are at ease when dealing with any customer service issues. A very important concern to Café In, who realise the margin for errors in the exclusive space it operates is very small. Its goal is to continue growing its customer base and promote itself as a venue for exclusive parties. Last year it held parties for the Capital group, television station TVI, Louis Vuitton, Lux magazine, Huawei, and L’Oréal Internacional, amongst others. This year it would like to welcome back previous attendees, but also open up its services for new groups to both experience and benefit. Its intention is also to bolster its digital growth with daily posts and weekly promotional videos. Whether it’s seated at the exclusive table honouring a certain, very wellknown Italian brand, or relaxing on one of the divine terrace beds or sofas, Café In is bound to be a delight for all the senses. And now it has been awarded Best Premium Meat & Sushi Fine Dining – Lisbon. This is a laudable decoration for the daring gastronomic centre of contemporary Japanese cuisine - with the added specialty of aged meat! Congratulations to Café In, and long may it continue to prosper. Web Address: