Holiday 2023

28 | LUXlife Magazine abian Dumitrache’s passions lie in the Graubünden mountains, the city of Lucerne, and, of course, cuisine. After several years of cooking in a grand hotel in Flims and being the youngest ‘smutje’ of all time on the MS Europa II cruise ship, as well as a former member of the Swiss national team of chefs, he soon decided that his true desire was to offer his favourite dishes to his favourite city. So, with a leap of faith, Fabian and his team were able to take over the empty, rural restaurant at Eisengasse 15 in Lucerne’s old town. Now, locals and tourists alike can experience alpine cosiness and the delicious flavours of Switzerland that are made a reality thanks to Fabian’s creative and specialist experimentation with the freshest of ingredients. This is done from the restaurant’s recently modernised kitchen which has been brought up-to-date with the latest technology, ensuring the team’s efficiency and giving the menu a real kick. This menu is graced by a variety of delicious traditionally Swiss dishes, which can be available vegetarian and vegan on request, including pizokel (a vegetarian dish made out of curd dough scraped into thick pieces with cream from Molki Stans, Bündner mountain cheese, and vegetables, with fried chicken breast strips), maluns (a vegetarian dish made out of potato dough dumplings with Bündner mountain cheese and homemade applesauce), and capuns (spaetzli dough filled with bacon, salsiz, and raw ham coated with chard in a hay sauce, cooked with Bündner mountain cheese and Bündnerfleisch strips). Notably, the restaurant also offers the ultimate Swiss dish, The Three Alliances, which – you guessed it – features all three: pizokel, maluns, and capuns. With courage and innovation, Fabian’s mouth-watering dishes come to life, with vegetarian and vegan options available as well as glutenfree, so everyone is welcome to experience the delightful tastes of Bündnerland Luzern. The team are able to freshly bake bread, including gluten-free bread, in 10 minutes, as well as serve a range of gluten-free meals such as the appetizer, Fabian’s Mici, which is baked beef sticks with raclette and a mild mustard dip, a favourite dish of Fabian from his childhood with Swiss influence. One guest couldn’t get enough of this dish, saying, “A fabulous way to start my culinary visit in Lucerne. Fabian’s Mici was a delightful appetizer and meal; the bread was so perfect to accompany the glass of lovely Zurich Weiss white wine. Ambiance was genuine.” These gloriously traditional dishes appear on the menu alongside a range of burgers, salads, cheese fondues, soups, flatbreads, and more. Most Innovative Traditional Swiss Restaurant 2023 - Lucerne Located in one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Lucerne’s old town, Bündnerland Luzern offers space for up to 80 guests over three rustic, winding floors. The late Middle Ages seeps out of every slanted angle and gable of the restaurant’s old half-timbered building, which even features the original stable door, enabling it to blend in perfectly with the rest of the city’s stunning medieval architecture. The pride and joy of award-winning young chef and owner, Fabian Dumitrache, Bündnerland Luzern offers the perfect fusion of traditional and modern in a unique gastro dining experience to be savoured. F Feb23646