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10 | LUXlife Magazine List-Worthy Property Redevelopment Professionals Situated on Henning Street, Best Property Redevelopment Firm 2024 – London recipient Queensdale Residential is comprised of a team of multifaceted specialists who live and breathe all things property. From the architects to the surveyors, designers, agents, and landscapers, every member of this expansive network is afforded the quality leadership of Director Fiona Paré, who leads from the front and manages all of a client’s unique needs and requirements to leave them completely satisfied with the final project. To better understand the distinction of the business, it pays to first know more about its leader. Fiona Paré grew up in the Queensdale Place region of London’s famous Notting Hill, and since her earliest memories, this industry has been a driving force in her life. This is because Fiona’s parents were expert property redevelopers who would work on one house after another, often even several at a time, and as a result, Fiona was constantly exposed to the work carried out by architects and builders as they hurried about, bringing to life her parents’ visions for these houses time and again. After working for UBS in a high-profile director position for close to a decade, and then occupying a number of similar roles, Fiona decided on a change of careers, shifting sectors to begin buying, renovating, and selling houses both in a private setting and on behalf of an expanding portfolio of clients. Having not looked back since, Fiona has led this project now for just shy of six years, and during this period, she and her team have successfully carried out projects spanning a range of sizes and budgets across London, including in the likes of Kensington, Chelsea, Clapham, Westminster, and Hammersmith, to name just a few. The projects executed by this team are inclusive of everything from gutting and refurbishing huge family homes to making the necessary tweaks to smaller rental properties to ensure that they yield the maximum value on the unpredictable property market. Regardless of the nature of the project, Fiona and her team proudly analyse each and every space that they work in to find what fits, and since they have no uniform house style unlike many of their competitors, they can deliver exactly what it is that a client is seeking without having to compromise on anything. Working closely with its clients has been instrumental to the success of Queensdale Residential, and in turn, it has successfully empowered this team to continue to deliver creations that accurately reflect the personality, style, and uniquities that can truly make a space a client’s own, all while adhering to the highest of standards that are in place across all completed projects. Evoking pride from clients every time they step through the door of their house is of the uppermost priority for Fiona and her team, leveraging a careful blend of the personality of both the property and its owner to achieve this ultimate, overarching aim. For Fiona and co., one of the best and most rewarding aspects of the job is working with clients who have faced unfathomable hardships over the past few years, and who really need the services of this expert team to get their lives back on track and start a new chapter. An example of a client for whom this was the case owned a property on Albert Bridge Road, Battersea that was destroyed in a devastating house fire. Working closely with the client’s insurance team, Queensdale Residential’s professionals set about renovating the entire property to an incredibly high standard and then liaising with prospective purchasers. This is but one example of a project that this team have undertaken over the past few years, with others completed including work for those who had recently gone through divorces, bereavements, and buying their first homes, to scratch the surface of what has been an incredibly successful few years for Fiona and the team. Another highlight of the past several years has been Queensdale Residential’s featuring on The List, a collection of design professionals that represents some of the best of what this sector has to offer those who are seeking nothing short of the best for their home improvement needs. Carrying out an extensive suite of solutions such as property redevelopment, project management, property search, interior design, and optimising properties ready for rent or resale, the helpful and holistic approach employed by Fiona Paré and everyone at Queensdale Residential makes it more than worthy of being celebrated with the title of Best Property Redevelopment Firm 2024 – London. Contact: Fiona Paré Company: Queensdale Residential Web Address: / https:// london/service/queensdale-residential