Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 13 worldwide, inviting lavish splendour in the process. Le Kool Champagne is also an official sponsor of the now sold-out Groove Cruise 20th Anniversary Celebration, hosted on Norwegian Encore. Truly, marking celebration is at the very top of Le Kool Champagne’s checklist. Each time it’s able to consistently serve as the bottle of bubbly that everyone looks forward to popping to reign in the festivities. Currently, Le Kool Champagne has a major presence within New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Nevada, and California, with big upcoming plans to expand distribution across the globe in 2024. It recognises that, despite its name and wealth of passion, it’s a relatively new company, and still has a way to come to reach the level of some of the world’s most famous beverages. That isn’t to say, however, that it’s simply waiting for the chance to explode onto the market. Quite the opposite – Le Kool Champagne makes its own opportunities. It uses its initiative to grow and flourish, creating new openings to thrive within the industry. This is all a direct result of its incredibly tight-knit team, the members of which each holding the same amount of passion for the brand as Kool himself. Their inspiring mindset plays a huge role in the success of the branding, and it’s thanks to the unwavering dedication to help Le Kool Champagne reach the masses that it has gained such an immense amount of traction in recent years. At its core, Le Kool Champagne is actively seeking the next place to make its mark, not once faltering in discovering the perfect spaces to enter. Its luxury is designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of palate, and it’s determined to make its presence known one way or another. A perfect example of this relentless mindset is their recent collaboration with Bulova - Accutron. As an homage to uplift women, they just released their Le Kool First Lady Legacy timepieces. Le Kool Champagne signifies a union that no other champagne brand has managed to create – a harmony between music and champagne. By combining some of the best flavours, sourced from the world’s most renowned vineyards, it has captured the very essence of Kool’s love for both crafts. In addition, Le Kool Champagne represents the dream of a husband and his late wife, with its signature bottles serving to empower the legacy of such an era-defining pair of individuals. Kool & The Gang sparked a revolution in music, and Le Kool Champagne is already well on its way to having the same effect on the champagne market. In a relatively short time, Le Kool Champagne has gotten support from the biggest names in the world such as The Liberace & Basquiat foundations, Prince Albert of Monaco, Oprah Winfrey, Director - Choreographer Jeff Kutash, Celebrity Stylist Charlie Lapson, Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil as well as Sir Richard Branson. Having already earned itself a place among some of the world’s leading media outlets – from Forbes and Sophie Gayot to ABC Nightline – Le Kool Champagne is undoubtedly on track to become a worldwide phenomenon. Despite its young age, it has accumulated an average of five stars throughout each of its blends, be it its signature Grand Cru champagne or its innovative First Lady Rosé. Le Kool Champagne embodies Kool’s desire to honour his wife’s memory, all whilst bringing together individuals from all walks of life, just as he did all the way back in 1964. Partner this with their Just Kool After Party concept and the release of Kool & The Gang’s new album, ‘People Just Want To Have Fun’, which frequently references Le Kool Champagne, and you’ve got a brand that revels in bringing together new and old fans alike. Truly, there is no champagne brand quite like Le Kool Champagne. From its intentions to its taste, there’s a unique air to it that elicits a certain sense of nostalgia, whilst pleasing every type of palate. Whether you’re a champagne drinker or not, Le Kool Champagne promises something for everyone to enjoy. Even if it’s simply partaking in a celebration where Le Kool Champagne acts as a means to close out a night of good times and cherished memories, people from all walks of life will be able to witness the effect that Le Kool Champagne has on its customers. Music and alcohol has always been a popular combination, but never has it been more meaningful than it has through Le Kool Champagne. At this rate, the next time ‘Celebration’ is played on the U.S. Space Station, Le Kool Champagne will be there! Contact Details Contact: Mohamed Moretta Company: Le Kool Champagne Web Address: