Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 17 one-size-fits-all packages – every detail, rather, is tailored to match the unique expression of every guest. So, you might choose to come alone or visit with your partner or family to enhance the quality of your relationships. You could stay for a week, a month, or longer, spending all of your time within the property or taking occasional trips to other parts of the island. Maybe you’d like to focus on therapy and remedial work; perhaps high intensity exercise is essential to your sense of wellbeing. Whatever it is that your mind, body, and spirit are calling for, JeanClaude and his team are ready to craft the most beneficial and inspiring stay possible. A truly bespoke retreat calls for a broad range of offerings, which The Place proudly provides. Psychotherapy sessions – led by qualified and highly-regarded practitioners – form the foundation of every programme. An in-house psychiatrist also helps facilitate your journey, with additional support from a board of external psychiatrists, Doctor of Counselling Psychology, a general practitioner, and a holisticpsychiatric nurse. Outside therapy, guests can choose from more than 15 different alternative modalities and fitness activities spanning yoga, qi gong, Japanese acupuncture, development coaching, nutrition and wellness consultations, breathwork, boxing, and more. Soothing remedial treatments such as Esalen bodywork and Balinese massage are included in every programme, as well as energy work, meditation, and a bespoke IV session upon arrival. When all of these elements are combined with care, the results are life-changing and, most importantly, sustainable. At The Place, you can be assured that your wellbeing takes priority, and your needs are met with respect and understanding. You will be held, nurtured, and guided with the utmost level of compassion, returning home with a powerful understanding of who you really are. Company: The Place Retreats Contact: Jean-Claude Chalmet Email: [email protected] Website: