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18 | LUXlife Magazine Rosette-Winning Culinary Excellence Bradley Green’s culinary voyage has been marked by a series of exceptional milestones. His journey through the gastronomic sphere has been nothing short of mesmerising, from Marco Pierre, Mayfair Michelin, to his own brand of swanky top-end steakhouses, Green’s. Not only has Green’s cemented its reputation over the years, but it has also captivated an international audience, ushering in an era of recognition. Another endeavour was set within the opulent grounds of the King’s Royal Polo Club in Berkshire, which shows his growth and evolution in the culinary arts. Currently at the helm of The Lord Bute, his latest endeavour which has been recognised as our Best Luxury Restaurant 2024 – Dorset, a revisit to Bradley’s hallmark creations offer an indulgence which certainly do not disappoint. Upon entering, the restaurant transitions from its practical exterior to an interior that exudes understated elegance, creating an inviting warmth amplified by the attentive staff. While the ambiance hints at classic “AA” fine dining, the menu boldly ventures into the creative realms of new world “Michelin” cuisine, with its selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients. The dining experience begins with the simple yet satisfying offering of Italian olives and artisanal freshly baked bread accompanied by hand-rolled butters. The starters are a visual and gastronomic delight, notably the seared scallops and potted Dorset crab, each dish showcasing the kitchen’s precision in taste and presentation. The pea purée accompanying the scallops, with its verdant hue and silky texture, subtly hints at the ocean, complementing the perfectly seared scallops that are adorned with crisped bacon and a sprinkle of micro herbs. This dish is testament to culinary finesse, leaving diners with no doubt that they are experiencing the zenith of fine dining. The potted crab, presented in a champagne coup, is a symphony of creaminess, its flavours achieving a delicate balance that charms the taste buds. The pan-fried turbot is a celebration of textures, its golden crust sitting in a pool of velvety beurre blanc that seems to whisper buttery indulgence with every bite. Accompanied by crushed potatoes that offer a rural yet refined contrast, every forkful defining the art of cooking, elevating simple ingredients into a memorable gastronomic experience. A culinary masterpiece, the pan-roasted lamb rump, boasts a perfectly caramelised exterior, enveloping the tender and juicy interior cooked seemingly as standard as medium rare. It is paired with a luxurious quenelle of sage butter creamed potatoes, while the confit garlic cloves add a mellow sweetness that dissolves on the tongue. The dish is completed by a glossy port and redcurrant reduction, adding a depth of fruity undertones that ensure a rich, velvety finish to each mouthful. The deconstructed poached pear crumble is a clever interplay of textures and temperatures, a contemporary reimagining of a classic dessert. The tender pear’s natural sweetness is elevated by the addition of aromatic spices, while the pumpkin gel introduces a modern twist with its velvety sweetness. Toasted almonds add a satisfying crunch, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream brings a comforting finish to the ensemble, creating a harmony of flavours that both honour and innovate upon the traditional crumble. Bradley Green’s latest gastronomic tour de force, a ten-course tasting menu, is a marvel of culinary craftsmanship. It opens with an amuse-bouche trio, where each bite is an intricate blend of texture and taste, featuring sautéed foie royale with the unexpected delight of lavender smoked pear jam, and a pâte filo cigar filled with a rich porcini mousseline. A hand cleanse with scented warm Himalayan saltwater primes the senses for the courses to follow. The aroma of freshly baked rosemary loaf with a twist of black garlic sets the stage for the third course, a pre-starter where the luxury of Baerii Caviar meets the earthiness of beetroot crisp. The journey continues with a palate-cleansing black pepper sorbet and salt foam, leading into a delicate consommé a la royale adorned with heritage carrot pearls. The sixth course, a fillet tartare, is a performance in itself, expertly prepared tableside, and capturing the theatre of fine dining. As the meal progresses, the pre-main course showcases a perfectly seared Lyme Regis scallop accompanied by a coconut emulsion and lime foam, setting the stage for the main attraction: a 28-day dry-aged fillet steak, presented rare. The cheese course is playful yet highly sophisticated, as we have come to expect from Mr Green, a tableside raclette served with a bacon cracker and walnut and lavender honey, seamlessly transitioning to the grand dessert – a whimsical white chocolate apple that concludes the experience on a note of pure enchantment. Each dish, an expression of Bradley Green’s dedication to the culinary arts, ensures this tasting menu is not just a meal, but a celebration of the extraordinary. In light of the exceptional standards of culinary artistry and presentation showcased by this establishment, coupled with the highest standards of presentation and menu design, it is with complete confidence that we present The Lord Bute with the award for Best Luxury Restaurant – Dorset. This accolade represents its dedication to culinary excellence and ability to create a dining experience that is not only memorable but extraordinary. Company: The Lord Bute Restaurant Contact: Ryan Smith Email: [email protected] Website: (photography: Dan Fawcett.)