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21 | LUXlife Magazine The Beauty of Artisanal Hair Care and Sophisticated Luxury Regarded as the pinnacle of blending innovation, technology, and nature’s finest ingredients with nearly 100 years of Italian hair heritage, Rossano Ferretti Parma is a coveted haircare brand whose harmonious approach to the art has redefined hair individuality as we know it. Now, with its most recent title of Luxury Haircare Brand of the Year 2024, Rossano Ferretti has truly distinguished itself as an entity to be trusted – one that not only embraces the uniqueness of hair, but actively celebrates its through its products. Join us as we explore how Rossano Ferretti has created ‘true hair harmony and wellness’. Priding itself on providing only the very best products on the market, Rossano Ferretti is a unique haircare brand that honours the beauty of various hair types, textures, and lengths through its range of specialised products. Designed to utilise the finest, naturally derived ingredients and technology, the brand has tailored products that don’t discriminate, and instead give all individuals the tools they need to bring life back to their locks. As a firm believer in celebrating the individuality of its customers, Rossano Ferretti has developed a non-conforming approach that transcends industry barriers to present entirely new, neverbefore-seen products and services. The brand achieves this very versatility through its meticulous testing process, during which it seeks out a variety of hair types to ensure that its products suit their diverse range of needs. These hair types can originate from anywhere, with Rossano Ferretti continuously selecting individuals from around the world. Only then can it garner a comprehensive understanding of how to adjust itself to suit the staggering amount of variation present across the globe – knowledge that it then applies when concocting its product ranges. And with such a tight focus on sourcing only the very best ingredients – including ingredients that are organic verified and strictly cruelty free - Rossano Ferretti has emphasised the ‘care’ in haircare. However, if we were to highlight one standout treatment that Rossano Ferretti views as its ‘hero product’, it would be The Prodigio Treatment. As a bond-building pre-wash hair mask, this product helps repair dry, damaged, or over-processed hair, and does so with a rich formula comprised of 95% natural ingredients. Its composition of shea butter, olive, keratin, and various other natural components come together in harmony to leave hair feeling soft, silky, strong, and healthy above all else. As a standout product, this treatment has proven to repair hair bonds both inside and out, granting customers of all hair types access to a creation that recognises what goes in to having healthy hair, and has gone the extra mile to make it beyond achievable. In addition to its products, Rossano Ferretti also offers a world famous HairSpa service – one that’s also personalised to a customer’s haircare requirements. This service essentially provides an unparalleled experience when using the revolutionary – and recently televised – Ferretti Metodo Cut, a unique cutting technique founded by Rossano Ferretti and his sister, Artistic Director Lorenza Ferretti. This inspired haircutting technique defies what most would expect from a simple cut, and instead focuses on tailoring itself to the personalised needs of its discerning clients. As such, Rossano Ferretti’s team of hair artists promise to not only meet the expectations of individuals but exceed them altogether. The Ferretti Metodo Cut is available exclusively in Rossano Ferretti HairSpas, located worldwide in the most luxurious 5-star hotels and destinations. Combined with its strong affiliation with artistry, quality, and sensorial experiences, Rossano Ferretti Parma has truly earned itself its position at the peak of luxury haircare. At LUXLife Magazine, we revel in showcasing the brands that are balancing luxury and innovation to bring new approaches to their respective industries. Rossano Ferretti is no exception – through a stable partnership of individuality and passion, the brand has become a reputable entity upon which customers of any hair type can rely. As such, we believe it’s more than deserving of the title of Luxury Haircare Brand of the Year 2024, and we look forward to seeing what new ideas it brings to the market in the coming years. Contact: Iuliana Lupu Company: Rossano Ferretti Web Address: Holiday 2024 | 21